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How many watts is 1.8 amps?

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February 05, 2013 9:30PM

180. well that is a partial answer and is only true if those 1.8

amps are pushed through at 100 volts.

Watts= Amps times Volts

An amp (Full name=Ampere) is 6.241 × 1018 electrons passing a

point in a circuit in one second. It doesn't matter what the

voltage is, an amp is as stated above.

AT 12 volts, watts=1.8*12=21.6

At 120 volts, watts=1.8*120=216

At 1200 volts, watts=1.8*1200=2160

Without knowing the voltage, one cannot determine the


There are some small discrepancies between Alternating Current

(AC) Direct Current (DC). With DC, the formula can be considered

correct. With AC, it is an average Wattage. Why, you ask. Because

AC voltage Is kind of an average. As the voltage alternates between

positive and negative, it really goes a bit higher than 120 volts.

In fact it goes 1.414... times 120 volts or as high as and as low

as ±169.68 volts. (1.414... is a rough approximation of the square

root of 2.) This formula, Peak Voltage= VoltageAC times Square root

of 2, is called the "root mean square."

You can look all these terms up by searching for them on the


Ampere (Amp) (A)

Volts (V)

Watts (W)

Alternating Current (AC)

Direct Current (DC)

Root Mean Square (RMS)

To summarize the formula:

W= V * A = Watts

V= W / A = Volts

A= W / V = Amps

Notice: you must know two of the relevant values.


1.8 amps is equal ot zero watts. Watts is the product of amps

times volts. To answer this question a voltage value must be


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