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Dozens of thousands of Europeans, hundreds of thousands of Arabs.

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Q: How many were there in the crusades?
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Related questions

How many crusades were held?

8 crusades

How many crusades took place?

Four Crusades, with other negligible crusades.

How many crusades were there in the medieval time?

There were 9 Crusades

What were the dates of the crusades?

there have been many crusades, which one's

How many organized Crusades were there?

There were 9 organized Crusades.

How many crusades were there and what years?

there where 9 crusades an they were from 1095 to 1291

How many Crusades were there including the Children Crusade?

There was 10 crusades

How many major Crusades were fought?

There were 8 crusades all together.

How many Crusades were there in total?

there were actually 13 crusades for all the 13 colonies

How many crusades were launched from Europe from 1096 to 1291 AD?

there was 8 crusades

Did the crusades free Jerusalem?

There were many crusades. In some the city was freed in some it was captured.

How many of the crusades were successful?


What were the crusades routes?

there were many routes

How many crusades happened?


Who participated in the crusades?

Many people participated in the Crusades including the Christians and the Muslims. The Byzantines and the Muslim Turks were the most prominent participants in the Crusades.

How did the crusades lead to the Black Death?

The crusades fought in many places bringing many desises which included black death

How many years did the Crusades last?

1096 1272 and their were nine crusades they lasted for 176 years.!!

How many crusades war was?

There are 9 famous crusades but in a way they could still be happening now!

Who one the crusade in the end?

there were many crusades. i think 5 but the majority of the crusades the Muslims won.

How many people were killed in all of the crusades?

Over a million people were killed during all the crusades.

The Crusades continued off and on for approximately how many years?

The Crusades wen't on for about two hundred years.

What does wars for the cross mean?

There are many Crusades but they all mean the same thing... The Crusades or "Holy War".

How many Christians died in the Crusades?


How many crusades were there in medieval times?

There was a grand total of nine crusades, not including those that took place entirely in Europe, such as the Albigensian Crusade and the crusades of the Teutonic Knights.

How many Crusades were ordered?

Nine Crusades were conducted to the Holy Land between 1095 AD and 1272 AD.

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