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There are lots of bloggers in this world. In the same way also, there are lots of wordpress blogs.

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Q: How many wordpress blogs?
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Where can one create an online blog?

Online blogs which are hosted by the provider can be found at Wordpress. Wordpress also provides self-hostable solutions. Very simple blogs which are geared towards photo blogs can be created at tumblr.

What is wordpress about?

Wordpress create a free blog 24/7 and join over!1 million other blogs

Is there a payments for blogs?

Most of the time. Making blogs in the internet are for free. All you have to do is to sign up to free blogging sites like blogspot, wordpress and many more.

Is it free to sign up to wordpress?

Yes. You can make as many blogs as you'd like to on Wordpress, all for free. There are some upgrades that you would have to purchase if you wanted them, but you can create a good blog on Wordpress and never have to pay anything!

What is a Wordpress mu site?

WordPress multisite is a special WordPress feature companies and brands use to manage multiple websites quickly and easily from one single WordPress dashboard. Say you have six different WordPress sites that are currently being managed separately

What has the author Thord Daniel Hedengren written?

Thord Daniel Hedengren has written: 'Smashing WordPress' -- subject(s): Blogs, Web sites, Authoring programs, Computer programs, COMPUTERS / Web / Page Design, WordPress (Electronic resource) 'Smashing WordPress' -- subject(s): Blogs, WordPress (Electronic resource)

How do you make a blog for free?

Both Blogspot or Wordpress provide free blogs. Though, it's <blogname>.<Wordpress|Blogspot>.com.

If possible how can you post blogs onto your website?

By Installing Wordpress in one of your folders

How do you download a sitemap of wordpress blogs?

You can use a plugin to easily make a sitemap. Search for "sitemap" and install one of the many plugins.

How can you find out which WordPress blogs contain a certain keyword?

Simply make a Google search.

Where can one find funny mom blogs?

Funny blogs about moms can be found on Blogspot or Wordpress if you look up blogs similar to funny mom blogs. Another great way to find funny mom blogs is to ask a friend who might also be interested in them.

What are some blogs that are about cars?

Autoblog, Car and Driver Blog, Celebrity Cars Blog, Automotive Blogs, Motor Trend Blog, and you can also find a lot of blogs on cars from blogging websites such as WordPress.

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