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Those numbers are for each worksheet. You can have as many worksheets in an Excel 2007 workbook as the memory in your computer will allow. Excel 2003 and earlier are limited to 255 worksheets per workbook.

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How many rows are provided in a standard Excel spreadsheet?

The standard amount of rows in an Excel spreadsheet is 65,536 up until the 2003 version. Version 2011 allows you to scroll yourself to the last row of 1048576.

What is the GCF of 32 and 1048576?

Since 32 is a factor of 1048576, it is automatically the GCF of this problem.

How much is 1048576 KB in MB?

1048576 KB1024 MB1 GigabyteNAME: Mike Fisher

How do you convert KB into GB?

To convert Kilobytes(KB) to Gigabytes(GB) just divide it by 1048576. 1048576 is equal to the square of 1024.For example:2000 KB is equal to [2000/(1048576)] GB i.e 0.0019073486328125 GB

How many rows does a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet have?

That depends on the version you have. The standard amount of rows has been 65,536 rows, up to Excel 2003. Since version 2007 of Excel the last row is 1048576. Excel 5 and 95 had 16,384 rows.

How many bits make up a MB?

1 MB= 1024 KB * 1024 BYTES = 1048576 Bytes as we know 8 bits = 1 byte so 1048576 bytes=1048576*8=8388608 bits. so 1MB=8388608 bits

What is 16 to the power 5?

16^5 = 1048576(Note: 16 to the power 5 is like: 16×16×16×16×16 = 1048576)

How many k in 1 GB?

There are 1048576 k in a GB.

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