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There have been two. World War | and World War

The seven years war 1756 to 1763 fought between the two superpowers of the day namely Britain and France was a true World War since it was fought on all the known continents and all the oceans. An interesting point is that it was started by an action by George Washington who was then fighting on the British side against the French.

The 7 Years War is the 1 most mentioned as a world war before those of the 20th c., but as far as I know there were 8 in all before the 20th c. that would qualify as world wars: the 30 Years War, 80 Years War, the 4 French and Indian Wars (as they were called in No. Am. , the last was the 7 Years War), French Revolutionary Wars, and the Napoleonic Wars, the last 2 really being 1 war each. All had participants on most or all continents and fighting on at least 3 continents spanning both hemispheres.

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Q: How many world wars where there in past history?
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Two "World Wars" Innumerable other wars.

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There's only been two world wars in the history of man.

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The two wars were the first and the second world wars.

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There have been a great many different things in the world that can affect the history of a nation. Wars are one such factor.

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Too many and the number is still increasing Yes, more than you can shake a stick at......

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Only two wars to date are known as world wars.

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2 world wars. WW1 AND WW2

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Hundred Years War, Wars of Religion, Louis XIV's wars, The Revolution, Napoleon I's wars, industrialisation, the Paris Commune, two World Wars, European integration.

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The wars widen the gap between the wealthy and the poor *Apex world history*