How many years did it take after 1950 for the World population to double?

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How many years does it take for a world cup?

The Rugby World Cup Tournament, played for the William Webb Ellis Trophy, is held once every four years. The last was played in 2007 (France) and the next will be in 2011 (New
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How many years will it take for 3000 dollars to double at 2 percent?

This sounds like my core 2 mathematics from last year, it sounds like a geometric progression. your talking about interest, yes? 3000x1.02^n = 6000 6000/3000 = 2 1.02
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According to world population 1950-2020?

1950. 2.55 billion. 1955. 2.8 billion. 1960 . 3 billion . 1965. 3.3 billion. 1970. 3.7 billion. 1975 . 4 billion . 1980. 4.5 billion. 1985. 4.85 billion. 1990.