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You dont need to go to college if its a volunteer department in RI you dont need anything special if its a paid a cdl idk about any where else

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How do you become a fire truck driver in city driver?

Go and drive and get there

What is the name of the person who drives the fire truck?


How old is our old fire truck?

19 years old

Where do you find the fire truck in city driver?

Its right above the "taxi" place.

Who operates a firetruck?

A licensed driver who is also a fireman operates the fire truck.

How long would someone go to jail if they stoll a fire truck?

depends also on the condition of the fire truck. But you can go to jail easily for 30 years

Is fire truck one or two words?

Fire truck is two words.

Where do you put the stickers in the Lego city fire truck?

It depends which fire truck but I know that the numbers generally go on the door and the "FIRE" stickers go on the back. but it depends on which fire truck you have

What part of speech is red and fire in the sentence The red fire truck?

Adjective. An adjective describes a noun (e.g. the truck is both red and a fire truck).

When was Stanford Fire Truck House created?

Stanford Fire Truck House was created in 1904.

How many words are fire truck?

The compound noun 'firetruck' is made of of two words, 'fire' and 'truck'.

Who is the panther fire truck sentinel prime or ultra magnus?

the panther fire truck is sentinel prime

How tall is a fire truck ladder?

A fire truck ladder is anywhere from 20-100 ft tall.

Advantages of fire fighting system?

fire truck

Compound word truck used by firefighters?

fire truck

Is a semi truck larger than a fire truck?


Is there a nurse in a fire truck?


How many fire truck missions are there in grand theft auto vice city?

there is 15 fire truck missions

Did Rolls-Royce make a 1920 fire truck and is there any photos of one?

Rolls Royce did make a fire engine (truck) in 1920. One was purchased for Borough Green and District. The above vehicle was converted to a fire truck in 1933. It did no leave the Rolls factory as a fire truck.

How would a fire truck find you with out an address?

they will see the fire

Can The Public Buy A Fire Truck?

Yes, you can. Not from the fire department but from the vehicle manufacture. There is no proprietary equipment on a fire truck. But you may need a special license to drive it.

If a pickup truck catches fire in the engine will the truck explode when the fire gets to the gas tank?

No. A fuel tank will not explode just because it is on fire. However, it will feed the fire and make it worse.

What is the width of fire truck?

Fire engines are usually 9ft wide and around 30ft long. However, there are multiple instances that are different due to the type of fire truck.

Where is the spirit of Louisiana fire truck?

It is in Baton Rouge, Louisiana at the Office of the State Fire Marshal. The State of Louisiana owns the truck.

What is camion de bomberos in English?

Fire Truck. Literally = Truck of firemen.

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