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There is no statute of limitations on abuse. It gets harder to prove the longer you wait. If it is physical abuse, it may be "his word against yours" type of case. Sexual is a easier to prove if it is a child - any OBGYN can tell. It really depends on what type of abuse and what evidence you have before you can prove someone guilty of it. * All states have SOL's concerning the time in which someone can be prosecuted for any criminal act, including child abuse, abandonment and/or neglect. In issues such as cited, the law sometimes reads that the SOL begins at the time when the alledged act was discovered. This generally relates to the sexual molestation of a child rather than child abuse and/or neglect. Neverthless, it is the moral duty (in some cases the legal responsiblility also) for anyone who knows of or has legitimate reason to believe a child is being abused to report it to the authorities and be prepared to give testimony in court if it is warranted.

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Q: How many years do you have to report a case of child abuse?
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Is it the responsibility of the physician to report a child abuse case?

Many professionals are mandated to report abuse. Physicians are mandatory reporters.

What does sexbc mean in a child abuse case?

It is a code that the courts use for child abuse.

If you disclose child abuse would that violate the health insurance portability and accountability act?

It would depend on who you disclose the information to. You should not tell any one not associated with the case. It is however a requirement to report suspected or confirmed child abuse to CPS. Responsible parties (teachers, RNs, MDs, ect.) are required by law to report suspected child abuse.

What happens once a case of child abuse is confirmed?

If the abuse is bad enough, the child will be eventually be taken away.

Cases involving teacher in the Philippines?

One case in Philippines is a teacher who got six years for child abuse. Another case was against a teacher who punished a child, and he subsequently died.

Is it illegal to spank a child in KY?

It is not illegal to spank a child in KY but it is illegal to abuse a child in all 50 states in the United States. The line between spanking and abuse can be determined on a case by case basis by a judge.

Does excessively shouting at a child count as child abuse?

Excessively shouting in the extreme can lead to hearing loss, and damage the esteem of the child leading to long term problems. If a person shouts too much at a child, then there Might be a case for child abuse. It depends on the situation. It must be judged on a case by case basis.

If you learn that Doctor Jones filed an incident report what is most likely the case A There has been a case of child abuse B There has been an instance of health care fraud?

a patient is unhappy with something the doctor did or failed to do

What has the author Rebecca Harrison written?

Rebecca. Harrison has written: 'Child abuse' -- subject(s): Case studies, Child abuse, Study and teaching

What to do in case of being abused?

You seek help from organizations that deal with abuse. Report to police.

Is it against the law to hit your child on the arm and leave a bruise with a belt?

Any hit or slap which leaves a mark or cut on a child could be determined to be child abuse. However, even a well-meaning parent using appropriate punishment with a child COULD accidentally leave a bruise. This is why authorities evaluate each case and the circumstances.That said, a child who is being beaten and abused can report this to the police, any teacher, or counselor. All are mandated to report suspected abuse. A child can also call Child Welfare to report. However, it doesn't mean the agency will decide it is abuse.If you did something wrong, and your parent accidentally left a bruise when he smacked you, is it truly abuse... or are you just angry that an adult can set the rules, even if you don't like those rules.

Is there bail in a child abuse case?

No there is absolutly NO BAIL in a child abuse case, however, if the case is only brought upon by the Child Protection Service or CPS, there normally is not even jail time, but if criminal charges were pressed by the county or by the CPS due to substantial findings of child abuse then the accuser will get jail time and no there is no bailing them out. They stay until their court hearing and possibly the sentencing hearing aswell.

The parent wasn't charged. How long with the child abuse case stay with the child?

until the child turn 18

Can parents get in trouble for child abuse if it's reported a few years later?

AnswerFirst you have to define the type of abuse and if it can at this point in time be substanitated by medical evidence or other acceptable corroboration. In general child abuse/neglect in order to investigated and action taken has to be reported at the time of the incident or reasonable time as pursuant to governing statutes. There are exceptions, for example if it was not discovered until the child/children were living with someone else, such as a legal guardian, non-custodial parent, and so forth, those cases have have a rather short SOL 2 years criminal, 5 years civil. Sexual abuse is also another example, because of the reluctance of children to be forthcoming with such information, those type cases can have an Statute of Limitations for as long as 10 years criminal, 30 years civil. These are generaly guidelines and all are subject to the laws of the state where the alleged abuse occurred.AnswerTHERE IS a Statute of Limitations for child abuse and other crimes. (The victim has a certain amount of time to report a crime) Crimes of child abuse have many more years to report than they used to. REMEMBER- if you have been abused, your first thing to do is report it. Most kids don't want their parents to get in "trouble" but nothing will change unless you report it. Many times, if an investigation finds the parents were abusive, social agencies are there to help your parents change their behavior. Reporting past abuse may be the best thing you can do for your parents, ESPECIALLY if younger brothers and sisters still live in the house. Find someone you TRUST who can help you contact the right state agencies. Help your parents and yourself before it gets worse. Please report it as soon as possible. It could be the bravest thing you will ever do.AnswerThere are statute of limitations for child abuse/neglect. It varies from county to county and state to state (and country to country). It also varies on the extent of the abuse/neglect.Regardless of how long it's been, still report the crime(s). Even if the statute of limitations has expired, having your report on file put the perpetrator on the cops' radar. And if someone else files a report against them, having your report on file will further prove a case against the perpetrator.

Who are the characters in the book A child called it?

They aren't characters; the book is an account of a severe child abuse case.

Can you win a child abuse case if you have evidence?

Generally evidence is what's needed to win any case.

Where does child abuse occur?

Anywhere a child and perpetrator might be together, in the same location at the same time. Abuse does not occur in one place... and every case is different.

Does a child have to visit a parent if their is proof of verbal physical and emotion abuse and documentation that abuse has been going on if they are not 16 years old in the state of Georgia?

I would say no. If this is divorce case and the father has court rights you should get a lawyer. I myself would not make my child visit his father if I knew there was abuse going on, no way.

What do parents do when they abuse their child?

They beat them. Starve them. And other hideous things...for a gruesome example, read "A Child Called 'It'" It's about the third worst case of abuse in CA history!!

How does child abuse affect communities?

Child abuse impacts how state welfare systems handles abuse cases. Additional tax monies are used to prosecute abusers and for social services workers to investigate each case.

Guinness Book of Records worst child abuse case in history?

david pelzer

Can you file a child protective services case for head lice?

You can report anything that you feel is an abuse or neglect concern, and child protective will decide if it needs to be investigated. However, there are some things that are going to happen, like a child getting lice, even repeatedly. In many states, if they feel you are just looking for reasons to report someone, they can charge you with harassing the parent or guardian. Give it some thought on rather or not you have a legitimate abuse or neglect issue before you take that step.

What was the third worst case of child abuse in the state of California?

David Pelzer. He wrote a book called "A child called it"

What has the author Leslie Maureen Tutty written?

Leslie Maureen Tutty has written: 'Husband abuse' -- subject(s): Husband abuse, Abused husbands 'The efficacy of child abuse prevention programs for elementary school children' -- subject(s): Child abuse, Evaluation, Prevention, Drama, Hamilton-Wentworth Child Abuse Prevention Project, Case studies

What is the worst child abuse case?

i would say ANY types of child abuse is the worst. its NEVER right to do that to a child. if i did have to say what would be the worst, would be death. some child abuse is so bad, it causes the child to die or kill themself. the parents out there whom have laid a harmful finger on thier child, they someday might kill themself.