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Q: How many years do you keep insurance documents?
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How many years does HIPPA require health organizations to keep documents?

6 years

How many years do you keep insurance claim for medicare patient?


How many years do we have to keep our back tax returns?

Professional accountants recommend that you keep 7 years of tax returns. You should also file away the supporting documents like receipts.

How many years should you keep full insurance on a car?

If one has a car loan for a new or used car in most states they are required to keep full coverage insurance. After 5 to 6 years coverage can be dropped to liability if needed.

Where did Abraham Lincoln keep many of his paper and documents?

in his hat

How long does a ticket stay on your insurance?

3 years with many insurance companies.

How many years of college is required to be a insurance seller?

4 years

Who gets a persistency bonus on a lapse supported life insurance policy?

agents whose clients keep their policies in force for many years

How many years can an insurance company charge for a claim?

Each insurance company is different, can range from 3-10 years.

What is the purpose of receivables insurance?

The purpose of receivables insurance is to get insurance for your company and keep it safe. Insurance is very important in many aspects in life and recivable insurance is great for companies.

How many years does a DUI conviction stay on your driving record for insurance companies in WYO?

A DUI stays on your record for seventy five years. Some state keep DUI record for life.

How many years in prison for commiting fraud in life insurance?

2-20 years

How many years should you keep bank records?

It is best to keep them for four to five years.

What services does AXA insurance provide?

AXA insurance provides many different services that all come with a fee to keep you covered. Such services are health insurance, Investment, Pension & Life Insurance.

What does the company Brown Insurance offer?

Brown Insurance is a company which offers many insurance deals and offers cheap insurance quotes for their customers as Brown Insurance has been in the insurance market for over 70 years.

How many years is a typical term for term life insurance?

Most insurance company provide term life insurance in five year increments.

Catering Insurance?

form_title=Catering Insurance form_header=Find the right insurance to keep you protected during your next catered event! What made you decide to look into catering insurance?=_ What current forms of insurance do you have?=_ How many employees work with you?=_

Is it safe to purchase online insurance?

Many reputable insurance companies offer the option of obtaining quotes and purchasing insurance online. These companies have provided reliable service for their customers for many years.

How many years has Pekin Insurance been in business?

Pekin Insurance was founded in 1921. So in the year 2013, it has been founded for approximately 92 years. That is almost a whole century of providing home, health and auto insurance.

Which insurance company can offer a good annuity?

Allianz Life Insurance of North America has been a leading company for many years.

How many years do you keep DEA receipt of destroyed narcotics?

3 years

How many years does a senator keep his job?

Six years, but he may be reelected.

Types of documents?

There are many different types of documents including those on motor vehicles. Other documents include identification and business service documents.

When was NJ Cure Insurance founded?

CURE Insurance was founded in New Jersey in the 1980's when larger insurance companies were not willing to write many car insurance policies. They are a non-profit agency, and this helps them keep rates low.

How many years will fossil fuel last?

If humans keep on being this stupid and keep using this much of it we will run out in about 7 years.