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A four-year college degree in the fields of criminal justice, social work, or some other relevant area is normally required.

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Q: How many years of school do you have to have in order to become a probation officer?
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How long do you have to study to become a probation officer?

In order to become a juvenile probation officer you have to have a bachelor degree in criminal justice.

What high school courses need to be taken in order to become a probation officer?


Does a probation officer or judge decide the extension of your probation based upon driving under revocation recently received?

The judge decides whether you get probation, or not, and the terms of the probation. The Probation Officer just carries out the court's order and administers the probation order.

What special training is required to become a Probation Officer?

In order too become a probation officer you will need a bachelors degree in criminal justice. In most cases you will have too complete a special training program that can last up too 6 months.

Does probation officer or judge decide if you can leave state while on probation in North Carolina?

Usually, the probation officer will submit a form to a supervisor for approval to leave the state. If the order of probation prohibits you from leaving the state, it is usually up to the probation officer if you can leave. There must be a good reasonto leave the state, and it helps if he/she has been doing well while on probation.

Ex wife is not following her probation how do you go about a motion to revoke her probation?

The first step would be to speak to her probation officer directly. Have thorough documentation for exactly how she has violated a probation order (e.g. you observed her with drug paraphernalia on this date; she had an unreported auto accident on that date; she left the children unattended for 36 hours on these dates). You can generally learn who the probation officer is by calling the court and properly identifying yourself and your ex. If the probation officer is unsupportive, take your materials to family court in order to get the custody order altered.

Can a probation officer require someone to take urinalysis testing if not court order?

yes, that is their job.... and that's one term of your probation.

What can be done about a Probation officer who is not enforcing the court order?

Call the probation officer's supervisor. If this does not work then contact the Court so the judge is informed.

If you are on probation and your girlfriend gets a restraining order against you is this a violation?

Talk with your probation officer or judge. You need to understand the legal grounds of this matter.

Do you have to be found guilty of new charges before your probation is revoked?

No, your probation is for a past offense and can be revoked at any point by your probation officer. ANSWER No you do not need to be found guilty of new charges. Any violation of the conditions of probation can result in revocation. Probation officers do not revoke probation only a judge can order probation revoked.

Can a probation officer find out if you have been prescribed a narcotic?

Yes, a Probation Officer can find out if you have been prescribed a drug.

What classes must you take in high school in order to become a police officer?

In the US: No special courses in particular. Do as well as you can in all your studies. You will have to possess a high school diploma (at a minimum) to be employed as a police officer.

Do you have to be a police officer in order to become CSI?


Can your probation officer randomly drug test you if drug testing wasnt part of the stipulation to complete probation?

Read and understand your probation order. If you are sentenced to probation, you will have a court order stating the stipulations of your probation. USUALLY, there will be a box to check on the order itself for random drug testing to be ordered. If the box is not checked, you do not have to submit to any testing. If you consent to the testing, that's on you. But if it was not court ordered, it is always your right to refuse.

What happens when someone completes a probation sentence?

The probation officer sets a court date for you to go back in front of the judge and he/she says you have completed the court order and then your free to go.

Can you go on vacation on a court order probation?

Carefully read your probation papers or ask your probation officer. If your travel is not specifically restricted you should be able to. Don't be gone so long that you miss any appointments or court dates!

What is the difference between parole and probation?

Release on probation is granted at the order of a judicial officer. Release on parole is granted by a Board of Parole who hears and decides on cases of inmates housed in prisons.

Does a probation officer have the right to medical records that could incriminate you?

With a court order for their release from the doctor or medical facility, yes, they do.

Can a Kentucky probation officer issue a no contact order between husband and wife if no domestic violence is involved?

becaus there is no air

Can a convicted felon go to the Bahamas?

If the convicted felon is on probation or parole, check with his or her assigned probation or parole officer. Otherwise, with the exception of a court order relating to traveling, there should be n problems.

Can you do police school in Florida to become a police officer in Georgia?

You can study criminal justice in any state and prepare for a police career in Georgia or elsewhere. But in order to become a certified police officer in Georgia, you will have to attend and complete a police academy in Georgia.

What qualifications do I need to become a loan officer?

In order to become a loan officer you must a high school diploma. Many loan officers require a bachelor�۪s degree for commercial loan officers; previous banking, lending, or sales experience.

How much schooling is needed to become a police officer in MN?

5 yrs. in order to be a police officer.

What is the statute of limitations for a construction defect caused by a contractor on a new house in Texas?

can a probation officer change court order curfew hours

Can you get a drivers license in California if you have a probation violation?

Depends on what one is 'on probation' for. If it was a DUI offense, a drivers license might be suspended for a specified period (depending on the state) and possibly up to 3 years . If the person is not on a DUI probation, and has met all the requirements of the probation order, one would think they can progress in life and get the license. Would possibly advise that you be asking your probation officer this question, too.