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How many years of schoolng is needed to be a child care provider?

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I don't think you have to have and set number of years. What type of child care are you talking about? Day care or in your home child care? * States establish laws that regulate both public and private child care. In some cases municipalities also have laws that govern private home child care of children that are not related to the caregiver. The best option is to contact the state's department of family and children's services for specific information. ** I totally agree with Macky however, I don't think the law states that you must have a specific number of years education or "schooling" to which your question refers. I live in Texas, have an associates degree, have worked in a Day Care, and now watch 4 children in my home and my education was not an issue. Again, I wonder what TYPE of child care you are refering to.

2006-08-18 20:09:31
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well it depends, but the minimum you need is 3 years

how much should i be paying if i have a inhome child care provider with kid ranging from ages 11,9,7. times from 4 to 5 hours a day.and i provide food.?

The average hourly rate for a child care provider in the Sanford, NC area is $10 - 15 and hour. This rate is generally for a child care provider with 7 or more years experience. Check out enter your zip code, you will see a list and profiles of child care providers in your area.

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