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8 years

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Q: How many years of studying does it take to get into Harvard law school?
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How many years did Obama attend Harvard?

He entered Harvard Law School in late 1988 and graduated in 1991.

Once you graduate high school how many years of studying do you have to do to become a neonatal nurse?

8 years

How many years does the majoring in medicine during in Harvard?

Medical school is a four year program of study.

How many years of studying to become a dentist?

5 years of studying in the uk

How many years studying midwifery in the Philippines?

two years is the minimum years of studying midwifery

Harvard University what city is it in?

The main campus is centered on Harvard Yard in central Cambridge and extends into the surrounding Harvard Square neighborhood. The Harvard Business School and many of the university's athletics facilities, including Harvard Stadium, are located in the city of Boston's Allston neighborhood, which is situatated on the other side of the Charles River from Harvard Square. The Harvard Medical School, Harvard School of Dental Medicine, and the Harvard School of Public Health are located in the Longwood Medical and Academic Area of Boston.

Do you HAVE to attend Harvard University to go to Harvard Law?

Absolutely not. Harvard will accept students from many different undergraduate schools into their Law School.

How many years did John Quincy Adams go to college?

John Quincy Adams went to college for five years during his time studying at Harvard. Many people think he went for six he stopped mid-way due to his grades.

How many years do you have to apply for Harvard?

There is no year you must apply to Harvard. Almost no Americans do so.

How many years did Bill Gates go to Harvard?

two years

How many year did Barack Obama go to college?

Six years total. Barack Obama began college in 1979. He attended Occidental in Los Angeles for two years. He then transferred to Columbia in New York, and graduated in 1983. He worked for five years, and then returned to college, studying Law at Harvard Law School in Cambridge MA, and graduating with academic honors in 1991. So, the total is four years of undergraduate, and then two more years of law school.

What eduction do you need to be a lawyer?

Many years at law school, preferably Harvard, they have one of the best law schools around. Very prestigious.

Does Harvard offer law school programs or accredited classes online?

Harvard doesn't offer many credits online to begin with. The Harvard Law School doesn't offer any accredited classes online.

How many years did JFK attend Harvard?

John Fitzgerald Kennedy enrolled in Harvard University's Harvard College in 1936 and then graduated 'cum laude' in 1940 with a degree in International Affairs. He went on to enroll and audit some classes at the Stanford Graduate School of Business but did not graduate.

How many years has Harvard university been a university?

Harvard University has been a university for over 370 years, having been founded in 1636.

How many US presidents went to Harvard Law School?

Two of USA presidents went to Harvard Law School and these are: Rutherford B. Hayes and Barack Obama.

What is the name of the school that many great army officers attended?


Is Harvard university mainly known for its law school?

Harvard Business School and Harvard Medical School are also very reputable. Although HLS has a reputation because of the book 1L by Scott Turow, its undergraduate institution (like the poster below alluded to) and many of its schools are very difficult to gain admission into in general.AnswerNot necessarily. Although its law school is well-known, the undergraduate school (Harvard College) and medical school are also well-known. Any Harvard degree is considered prestigious, since it is very difficult to gain admission to Harvard.

How many years did Obama study at Harvard?


What is the relationship between Harvard university and Harvard business school?

Harvard Business School (HBS) is one of the schools under the direct realm of Harvard University. It is one of the top business schools in the US and has many high quality instructors and a high record of career placement.

How many years a flight stewardess can we finish studying?

4 years?

What percentage of Harvard graduates become millionaires many millionaires are from Harvard?

66% of all Harvard Graduates become millionaire. 63% of them are from the law school. 22% of them are from the business school. 10.9% majored in Sciences and Math. 2% of them majored in linguistics

How many years did Darwin spend after his voyage studying his collections?

Charles Darwin spent 30 years after his voyage studying his collections! ((:

How many years of school does it take to undertake a career in anesthesiology?

There is a lot of schooling, studying and commitment in order to become an anesthesiologist. For most cases one would need 3-4 years of post med school.

How many years do you have to study in Harvard Comparative studies of religion if you want to graduate?

15 years