How may tiles has Randy Orton won?

Updated: 10/25/2022
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2 titles (wwe championship & world heavyweight championship)

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Q: How may tiles has Randy Orton won?
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Who won at summerslam Randy Orton or christian?

randy orton

Who won at wrestlemania 27 Randy Orton or cm punk?

Randy Orton

Who came first - mvp or Randy Orton?

randy orton won this he is the legend killer we are in the age of orton!

Who won the triple threat at night of champions?

Randy orton. yay randy orton!

Who won between shamus and Randy Orton hell in the cell 2010?

Randy orton

Who won cm punk vs Randy Orton in wrestlemania 27?

Randy Orton

Who won at capitol punishment Randy Orton or christian?


Who won at survivor series 2010 between Wade Barrett or Randy Orton?

Randy Orton

Who won the WWE championship out of Randy Orton and wade barrett at bragging rights?

Randy Orton

Did the miz or Randy Orton who won the championship?

randell kieth orton

How many matches has Randy Orton won?

randy orton has lost 52 matches and won 519 matches he has been in 572 matches.

What started Randy Orton's rivalry toward Triple H?

when randy orton won the world heavyweight championship