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Randy Orton

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โˆ™ 2010-11-22 20:02:27
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Q: Who won at survivor series 2010 between Wade Barrett or Randy Orton?
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Did Randy Orton beat wade barrett at survivor series this past Sunday?

Randy Orton

Will wade barrett beat Randy Orton at survivor series?

Well it is Nov 26, 2010 and he didnt beat him Amen

Will John Cena be fired?

It is unknown at the moment. The Survivor Series match involving Randy Orton and Wade Barrett has not yet happened.

Is John Cena on the nexus still?

no matter who wins at survivor series barrett or orton john cena is free of nexus or out of wwe

Who won at survivor series between Orton and Barrett?

Orton won because John Cena un fairly took out Wade Barret as Cena was special guest referee. Barret fired Cena and Orton lost his championship the next night against The miz

Who is the winner of the match between Randy Orton and Wade Barrett at survivor series?

I've heard Randy Orton is going to win and The Miz wil cash in. I cannot see Wade Barret beating Randy Orton unless Cena screws him over and turns a heel

Did Randy Orton beat wade barrett at survivor series?

Yes Randy Orton did beat Wade Barrett at Survivor Series which caused John Cena to be fired from the WWE. After the match John Cena handed the WWE championship to Randy Orton and then they hugged. Then after that John Cena hugged all the fans and lest. Jon Cena wanted to retire because his wife had a baby and he wasn't there when she had and his moms birthday is in a few days.

How can John Cena get out of nexus?

He was put out of the Nexus and the WWE during the Survivor Series match regarding Wade Barrett loosing to WWE Champion Randy Orton!

Who is the WWE champ after survivor series?

The wwe champ after survivor series is Randy Orton. He retained his title.

How many times was Randy Orton the sole survivor at survivor series?

3 time

Who won the WWE championship match at survivor series 2010?

Randy orton

Who won between wade barrett and Randy Orton at bragging rights 2010?

Wade Barrett by Disqualification

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