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If there is an atmosphere, the light will gradually dim as the asteroid approaches the asteroid.


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There is an asteroid belt. It is held in between mars and jupiter.

As far as we know there is not a asteroid headed for mars. but there might be actually, there's no evidence to prove the answer.

Not much should usually happen, though it might depend on the size of the asteroid. The real danger is for the asteroid to actually hit Earth.

I'm pretty sure, that the asteroid might have hit one or two, but the majority would have been missed.

There might a possibility but were still not sure.

It's a question of sufficient gravity. A man might walk right off the asteroid if he tried to walk at all.

An asteroid might hit at any moment. There is no reason to believe that an asteroid will hit any time soon, though.

What type otf weather you might see at mars

Dangerous, for us, would be any asteroid that is fairly large and that might potentially crash into Earth. No asteroid is currently known that has a significant probability of crashing into Earth any time soon.

No. There was some concern that the asteroid Apophis might hit earth in 2036, but new measurements of the trajectory recently ruled that out.

An asteroid can leave its orbit and travel into the inner solar system. This change may be caused by a collision with another asteroid, the gravitational pull from Mars, or the Sun's heat.

Most likely it would just shatter it into smaller asteroids, which might do more total damage than the original asteroid.

It's an asteroid and only an asteroid. A big one at that, second to Ceres (Dwarf Planet) and there is a possibility that it might be added to dwarf planet status in the near future once it's shape has been confirmed.

i think hot weather.but it might be not hot, it might be cold.xx

You might be thinking of Biyo. Biyo is not really a planet, its an asteroid in the asteroid belt a few km across. It was named after a teacher.

There is no way of knowing as in might of fallen in the dinosaur age and it was not recorded

That might be a planet, an asteroid, a meteorite, or a piece of dust.

There is no standard collective noun for weather vanes, most likely because weather vanes are seldom found in groups.However, a place that sells weather vanes might have a display of weather vanes or someone who loves all types of weather vanes might have a collection of weather vanes.

They might very well. But you might then be left with hundreds or thousands of smaller objects that can still do damage over a larger area. It is not necessarily the solution depending on a lot of factors like the size and velocity of the original asteroid.

If you were traveling in deep space, it would be easy to see an asteroid in your path; use your radar to detect it, and then shine a light on it. There would be essentially no natural light, but if you don't have any artificial lights, then you probably don't have a habitat that will enable you to survive in deep space anyway. All spacesuits have lights. So the question would be moot; you would be dead and not able to see anyway.If you were in a space suit with no lights in deep space, then during the (very brief) interval before you died you would not be able to actually see an asteroid, but you might be able to see the occultation of stars; if a star were to suddenly "disappear", you might reasonably assume that some dark object had come between you and the star.AnswerThere is light in deep space. Just like on earth there is star light, but it would be darker than the darkest night seen on earth. Whether or not an asteroid would be visible depends entirely on what that asteroid is made of and how reflective it is.

You might see a telescope left behind or a asteroid on the surface left behind.

noboday really knows since it might just turn direction anytime

asteroid beltA2. perhaps an orbit might be closer.

You might need to know the weather, and it is likely to be correct

..because the weather affects they fur and they might feel cold

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