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How much Clorox bleach is needed to chlorinate a 24ft above ground pool that is 4ft 4in deep?

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2007-08-23 00:36:25

Purchase a good test! Test frequently - about every 30 minutes

-- after adding chlorine. If your readings are still low - you did

not add enough chlor. When you reach the goal of 1.5 to 3.0 ppm and

it stabilizes there then you have add enough chlor for your

pool. When the chlor. stabilizes between the above readings -

calculate what you added to the pool to achieve this and that is

what may be required for your pool. That amount will vary because

of weather, bather load, fill water, and any other contaminants

that get into the pool water, conditioner level, pH levels and many

other factors. The history of your pool over time is the

only accurate way to determine demand for chlorine.


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