How much DNA can be found in a human?

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The human genome contains 3,079,860,316 base pairs of DNA, arranged in 23 pairs of chromosomes plus mitochondrial DNA. These form 32,185 distinct genes.
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How much DNA do humans share with bananas?

It's probably a fairly small proportion. According to evolutionarybiologist Robert May, President of Britain's Royal Society, "Weshare half our genes with the banana" (2001), but genes only makeup 2% of human DNA - the answer depends on what proportion of theremaining 98% is the same. Humans have 23 ( Full Answer )

Where is DNA found?

In eucaryotes, DNA is only found in the nucleus of most cells, mitochondria and chloroplasts. In procaryotes, DNA is found in the cytoplasm in an area known as the nucleoid and in small, circular pieces of DNA called plasmids. Some animal viruses, plant viruses, and bacteriophages also contain DNA.

How much DNA do humans share with each other?

\n. \n99.9% is exactly the same. .1% gives each individual their own personal fingerprint. Meaning, only .1% codes for proteins that express our differences.

How much DNA do humans share with a whale?

We will not know the answer to this until the genomes of whale species are sequenced. However, given that whales and humans are mammals, they would be expected to share many similarities.

Where is the DNA found?

The DNA is found on the chromosomes, which is found in the Nucleus of the cell.

What is found in DNA?

The DNA molecule consists of two polynucleotide chains in the form of a double helix, containing phosphate and the sugar deoxyribose and linked by hydrogen bonds between the complementary bases adenine and thymine or cytosine and guanine. More info at: I had bio ( Full Answer )

How much DNA are in human body cells?

There are about 50 million or 50 trillion in the adult body. But that isn't always true. It may not be true because cells die and form again. And it will be hard to count all the cells. Adult and child cells don't add up because and adult is big but a child is small so the child will have less sells ( Full Answer )

What is found in the DNA?

Chromosomes are microscpic thread like strands composed of DNA. (DNA - Deoxyribonucleic acid) Over all, DNA contorls the production of proteins inside a cell. The proteins are used to control all chemical process within the cell.

Who found DNA?

Francis Crick and James Watson are primarily credited, although Maurice Wilkins also helped them and received the Nobel Prize for it. Also, Rosalind Franklin took a photo of DNA, which was stolen and given to Watson and Crick without her permission. They then used it to discover the double helix sh ( Full Answer )

Where DNA found?

DNA is found in the nucleus of a cell. In addition, trace amount of DNA also found in Mitochondria and chloroplast.

Where was DNA found?

DNA is also known as deoxyribonucleic acid. It is found in thecell's nucleus as nuclear DNA. A genome is a set of DNA.

DNA is found where?

DNA is a genetic material formed of protein and is predominantly found in nucleus of eukaryotes. It is also found in other cellular organilis like mitochondria and chloroplasts. But in prokaryotes (eg. bacteria) the DNA is locates freely in the cytosol.

Where DNA is found?

DNA is found inside of the nucleus in a cell.but in our body where is it found it is found in the white blood cells. :D

Mixing animal DNA with human DNA?

Some people ask can you mix human and animal dna. My answer is yes you could. As long a you took thprocedure slowly and combined the dna one step and small amount at a time it is possible to mix the dna. My question is would the human gain attributes from the animals dna such as enhanced hearing, si ( Full Answer )

How much DNA do humans share with cats?

Humans and cats have similar x and y chromosomes and have the sameancestor from the past. Cats and humans share 90 percent ofhomologous genes.

How much DNA Do humans share with cows?

Surprisingly, according to the related link below, domestic bovines (or the colloquial "cow") actually share 80% of genes with humans.

What is the length of DNA found in a single human chromosome?

Chromosomes vary in size, but the DNA would generally be a few cm (inches). The total length of one copy of all chromosomes is about 1 meter (a little over 3 feet). Since you have one copy from each parent, the total is about 2 meters per cell.

In the human body where is DNA found?

DNA is found in every cell througout the body, with the cells, the genetic information is contained within the nucleus of each cell

DNA was found by who?

A German Chemist, Friedrich Miescher, discovered DNA in 1869, only four years after Mendel's work was published. Miescher extracted a white substance from the nuclei of human cells and fish sperm. he called this substance "nuclein" because it seemed to be specifically associated with the nucleus.

What has human DNA?

A human ;) But the human DNA is developed from the zygote, so when the sperm fertilizes the egg in the womb.

How much DNA do humans have?

Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes, and just over 3 billion base pairs. Each cell in the human body has about 2m of DNA (if it were stretched out). This means that an average human's DNA would be 2 * 10 11 km long! This length is 500,000 times the distance to the moon (4 * 10 5 km).

How much DNA do humans share with a chimp?

It is commonly though to be 98%. However, recent studies have differing views. The BBC has published 95%, and Riken (a Japanese Lab) has published 85%. Please see the related links for the articles.

How is frog DNA different from human DNA?

All the DNA is chemically the same. It is the sequence pattern (the way A, T, G, C organized) would differ from one species to another. The DNA of bacteria from one species to other will differ tremendously if they are distantly related.

Is the DNA of a fruit the same as the DNA of a human?

Chemically DNA from any species is the same. But the things is the sequence of DNA such as AATTTCGAATG for example will not be the same. In fact, the sequence can not be the same from person to person. That is the unique nature of DNA.

How is DNA different from human DNA?

DNA is exactly the same in every species it is found in. It always has a sugar-phosphate backbone and the same four bases - A, T, G and C. The only thing that changes is the number of genes found in the DNA (and the sequence of the bases).

Is most of the DNA is humans coding DNA?

No - only a small part of human DNA is coding DNA. About 3% of DNA is genes. These are the sequences that code for a functional unit (like protein).

Is a dogs DNA close to a human DNA?

Define "close." DNA is, despite the popular image, not really much at all like a blueprint for a complete organism in the sense of having some kind of "image" embedded in it. It's rather a description of how to make the tools, how to cut and treat the wood, how to join two pieces of wood together ( Full Answer )

Where are sex chromosomes found in humans. Are the same DNA genes found in all the cells of a person?

For women, sex cells, also called eggs, are located in their 2 ovaries. For men, sex cells, also called sperm, are located in the genital area. Every cell in your body has it's own unique DNA code, and this code tells all your cells what to do and how to reproduce to make identical daughter cells (i ( Full Answer )

How was DNA founded?

DNA was found in 1741, they were using a telescope and then Albert Einstine was the first one who told Galileo to use the telescope to see the stars and observe the amazing and incredible awesome answer done by me sorry if it's all wrong.....i want the same answer to for my science project LOL

Can you mix human DNA and tiger DNA?

Most likely no. DNA is far too complex to "mix." If you wanted a mutated monkey tiger baby for a pet, the you might want to go ask this question somewhere else. Mixing DNA isn't as simple as dropping a toenail from a human and fur from a tiger into a mixing pot and then feeding it to a baby monkey. ( Full Answer )

How much DNA do humans share with nuts?

All living creatures on earth share some amount of DNA, including mammals, reptiles, fish, plants, sea sponges, bacteria, and viruses. Humans share much more DNA with mammals than any other creature. And we share more DNA with lizards than we do fish. This is because mammals split off from the mamma ( Full Answer )

Can human DNA be found in a insects intestine?

I'm not sure if the term intestine is technically appropriate for the digestive tract of an insect, but whatever the proper label is for insects, if an insect had just eaten some human tissue, then it could possibly contain some human DNA. However, the human DNA would most likely be heavily denature ( Full Answer )

How much DNA do crows share with Humans?

To my knowledge, the crow genome has not been sufficiently analyzed for a definite answer. The process of complete genome analysis is time consuming and expensive, so scientists have been selecting organisms that are highly used in research for genome analysis. That said, the genome of the chicke ( Full Answer )

How much DNA does a human share with a potato?

Humans share very little with a potato. Chromosomes are acollection of DNA woven around protein. A chromosome may contain asmany as 100,000 to billions of nucleotides in one chain. Chimpanzeeand humans share a very SIMILAR DNA pattern, where as a potato anda human being don't. So although they both ( Full Answer )

How much DNA is found in chromosomes?

A human chromosome contains between 454 (Y) and 4,220 (1) genes, totalling between 46,944,323 (21) and 247,199,719 base pairs, for a total of 32,185 genes and 3,079,843,747 base pairs. In other organisms, the number of nucleotides in a chromosome can vary from 100,000 to over 3,750,000,000.

How us the human DNA different from the DNA found in plasmids?

The human DNA is associated with a protein (histone) so it'swrapped around it, then folded and twisted so it's compact, andforms the chromosome shape. The plasmid is very small and containsDNA for survival (e.g. antibiotic resistance gene) and is notassociated with a protein and found in bacteria.

Where is DNA found-?

DNA, or deoxyribonucleic acid, is usually found in the nucleus of a cell. It makes up a spaghetti-like substance called chromatin, which coils into X-ish-shaped chromosomes during mitosis. Additionally, small amounts of DNA can be found in the mitochondria of a cell, called mitochondrial DNA.

What is DNA where it is found?

DNA is the genetic material of all livingthings on the Planet and it holds the instructions for making allthe proteins in our bodies. DNA is found inside a special area ofthe cell called the nucleus.