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Q: How much Fanta is sold each day?
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How many berets are sold in France each day?

About 46,000,000 berets are sold each day in France!

How much chocolate is sold on Valentine's Day in the past 10 years?

More than 36 million boxes of chocolates are sold each year for Valentine's Day.

How many coffee does costa sell a day?

how many are sold each day? There is an estimation of about 7,500,000 are sold each day just at coffee shops!

How many TVs sold in Australia?

Millioons each day

How many chocolate bars are sold each day in the UK?

about 100000 a day lucy

How many coca cola cans are sold each day?

1.2 billion cans of coke are drunk each day

About how many roses are sold over a three day period in the U.S around Valentine's Day?

Each year men buy women roses for Valentine's Day. There are an estimated 200 million roses sold each Valentine's Day.

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How many Doughnuts are sold each day in the UkUsually there is 13 sold in each shop in the UK

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Well, it depends on which book it is. But, if it's #5 your talking about, probably about 2 million a day all around the world.

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how much trash is collected each day in nyc?