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How much Tylenol with codeine can you bring back into the us from Canada?


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You can't import or export narcotics from Canada. However, for your personnal use, a 30 days supply, with a prescription, can be tolerated.

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My mom's friend brought back some acetiminophen325mg 15mg caffiene and 8mg codiene. not exactly a Tylenol 3 but it does have codeine in it. Although the bottle says regular strength so maybe the extra is better.

Yes - hydrocodone (also called Vicodine) is simply a small does of codeine and a standard full-strength dose of Tylenol (acetaminophen) in one pill. It was called "Tylenol 3" back in the day.

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I'm not to sure but i have taken it a while 30/500mg and i started getting sore blister like lumps on the back of my head. sometimes they are itchy. get worse when i take codine tynol. they ease off when i stay away from it but then my back pain is so bad i have to take thrm in the end....

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