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about 50-60 psi for uphill riding

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Q: How much air does a mountain bike need?
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When you buy a bike do you have to give your weight?

Certain bike has weight limit when it was designed. Mountain bikes with air suspensions need to be adjusted for the weight of the rider by putting in or taking out air from the suspensions.

How do you beat level 3 in Mountain Bike?

U need would need to when u get to the grind bar to turn around by pressing space bar to get more points do it the air.

How much air do you need for a bike tire?

its should say on the tire. its prolly bout 15 to 20 pounds

What is the air pressure at the top of the mountain compared to the bottom of the mountain?

The air at the top of the mountain is going to be much less dense than the air at the bottom of the mountain because it is affected less by gravity.

Why do bike tires need compressed air?

Any tire need s compressed air. This helps it hold it's proper shape.

What is the use of suspension in mountain biking?

It is used to reduce the force of impact on your bike and body and instead places it on springs or air in your suspension.

How is a punctured bicycle tire mended?

If you have a mountain bike, you can often remove the tube, patch it with a patch kit (auto parts stores and bike shops have them) and put it back in. Those patches don't hold up very well on a road bike with 700C wheels because the air pressure is so high, so you need to replace the tube on those.

Can you use the air pump at the gas station to fill up a bike tire?

Yes, but you may need a special adapter to connect the air pump at the gas station to your bike tire. Many manual hand bike pumps are also available which can be used to inflate your bike tires.

What might happen to a person riding a bike if the air pressure in the two tires is not the same?

what might happen is that the bike will fall over because the bike is not equal air pressure so it will till or fall over because one side has to much air and the other one does

Can you ride your bike on the moon?

Yes, but you would probably need a bike designed specifically for the moon. They had lunar rovers during the Apollo missions, so making a 2 wheeled human powered version should be feasible. But you would face some engineering problems: 1. Space suits tend to be bulky. You would need one that lets you ride the bike. 2. There's no trails or roads on the moon. You need something like a mountain bike that can handle rough terrain. 3. Moon rocks are SHARP because unlike on Earth, there's no wind, water, etc. to cause erosion. So you would need puncture resistant tires. 4. Normal bike pumps are useless on the moon. You would need one that has its own air supply -- or special tires that don't need air.

What suspension is best for mountain bikes?

That really depends on what you want the bike for. For downhill / all-mountain, a full suspension bike is preferable. For cross country a hardtail can still be competitive, particularly for shorter trails. Oil/air shocks have great adjustability, but short mainteance spans. Oil/spring are more rugged, but tuning them require replacing the spring. Elastomer shocks have pretty much died out.

What is a pneumatic bike pump?

it is a bike operated by air