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How much amp in a 1kva?

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There is zero amps in one kilo volt amp. The terminology of KVA is (K) kilo meaning one thousand, (V) for volt and (A) for amperage. What is missing from the equation is a given voltage. Formula for finding the answer is I = (VA or W)/V .

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What is 1kva?

It is just product of voltage and current at unity powerfactor(UPF) or power at UPF. 1kva is one kilovolt amp or 1000 volts at 1000 amps.

Show solution of conversion of 1KVA to watts.?

1kva means 1kv per ampere therefore 1 amp flowing and 1 kv deduce to be the product of the two or 1kw

How much kw 1kva?

In Direct Current One Kilo Watt is equal to One Kilo Volt-Amp, in Alternating Current however, the KVA may be greater due to inductance. Please see, http://www.answers.com/topic/volt-amps

1kva equals how many watts?

1 Watt = Voltage * Ampere * Power factor The Power factor normally is about 0.9 in our homes So, 1kva=1000*0.9= 900 Watts.

What is the total cost of solar panals?

cost of the solarpanals per 1KVA

What is the difference between a guitar amp and a keyboard amp?

Not much. Keyboard amp will have a better frequency range.

How many kilowatts in 1kva?

Its a bit of a trick question. 1 watt is one volt-amp except in situations where the power factor has increased or decreased that ratio. For instance with a power factor of .8 a volt-amp is equal to .8 watts. So with a perfect power factor 1 kva (kilo-volt-amp) is equal to 1 kilowatt. But if the power factor is something other then 1 you can find it by pf*w=va.

How much does a amp cost?

Guitar amp?? or TV amp? Guitar amp would be around 700 to 1000$ on cheap bedroom amps...

What is the backup of 1kva ups for a load of 470watt?

APC recommends a 1500VA for this load.

Is a crunch amp a good amp?

No, they overheat and chip out a draws too much current.

How much sugar are in amp energy drink?

Amp energy drinks have 29grams of sugar

Is a 100 amp sub panel too much for a 200 amp main panel?

no .If you max out the sub panel you have 100 amp in the main panel

Whats better tube amp or state solid amp?

It all depends what sound you are looking for, and how much money you are willing to spend. If you can afford a good tube amp, then go for it, because you are going to get much much better sound from a tube amplifier.

How many volts make 1 kva?

kva (Killovolt-amperes) is the product of volts and amperes. There for there is no answer to this question since the units are not the same. Example: 1000 volts x 1 amperes = 1000va = 1kva. Also 500 volts x 2 amperes = 1000va = 1kva.

How much caffeine is in an amp energy drink?

6 fluid ounces of AMP contains 143 milligrams of caffeine.

When should you replace 3 amp fuse with 13 amp?

Never. The wiring would not support that much current.

How much is 1.5 amp in milliamperes?

1 amp = 1,000 milliamps so 1.5 amps = 1,500 milliamps

What is a neon transformer rated?

depending on the length of neon.. a large sign 15Kv at 60 Ma is common 1Kva

Is amplitude the same as volume?

No, amplituted is how much power flows in your amp. My tiny practice amp witch is 15 amps, (or so) and my friends monster amp can play at the same volume

Will a relay with a 40 amp rating function properly in a circuit with a 30 amp fuse?

Yes. The rating of a relay is how much current it can switch on and off, not how much it uses or must have.

Why does the red light come on on your car amp?

I had th same problem i had to turn my amp down i guess it was to much power out put

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