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What is the value of a old timer deer slayer manufactured in 1957 in good condition

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Q: How much are Old Timer knives worth?
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Are old timer pocket knives worth anything?

it depends on the age and the quality

Where can one purchase Old Timer Knives?

Old Timer Knives, which are made by the Schrade brand, can be found on multiple sites on the web currently. These include Amazon, eBay, Knives Plus, and Knives Depot.

Website for old-timer knives warranty?

There is a website for Old Timer Knives. They offer a limited time warranty on their website. It can be found by doing a quick search.

How old are old timer pocket knives?

The age of the knife will depend on the specific knife as the brand old timer pocket knifes are still in production. Taking your knife to a local antique dealer for an appraisal will be you best option.

What is a good brand for a pocket knife?

I would have to say Swiss Army is s great choice. The traditional Schrade Old Timer pocket knives have been around a long time too.

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The oldest knives are about 2 to 400,000 years old, made by breaking, or chipping particular types of stones.

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