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How much are Yu-Gi-Oh cards worth?

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Depending on the effect, the value of the card depends on how strong the card is in the meta-game.

for example, a 5 star monster like:

Vortex The Whirlwind: is less than 3 dollars.

however, in the same set, a 1 star monster like:

Maxx "C": rises to around 30-40 dollars.

so, in reality, it depends on value, and the current effect on the meta-game. also, rarity plays role in value as well.

Well that depends on the card, each cards value is based on rarity. Here they are (from cheapest to most expensive)



-Super Rare

-Ultra Rare

-Secret Rare

-Ultimate Rare

-Parallel Rare

-Ghost Rare

If you need a key to identify these, Google something like yugioh rarity guide. Then you have a guide of which cards are worth more than others. If you need specific values, then look on eBay for a rough guide.

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How much are trap cards and spell cards worth on yugioh cards?

Depends what the cards are. Some are worth a lot, some are almost worthless.

How much are the three sphinx yugioh cards worth?

10-30 bucks

What is a deck in the newspaper?

yugioh cards are made by paper so i will tell you how to get your yugioh cards for free all you have to do is go to i make yugioh cards and you can make your own yugioh cards so now you kown how to make your yugioh cards.

Were do i buy yugioh cards in antalya from turkey?

There are a few places you can get yugioh cards from in Turkey. You can buy them online or at just about any store.

How much should you sell 1800 YuGiOh cards for without knowing the value of all of the cards?

Usually they will all be rubbish. A rubbish card is worth 10p so £180(if anyone wants them)

Where do i get yugioh cards in where?

Yugioh cards can be purchased at comic book stores and also at retail store such as Walmart.

How much do Yugioh cards cost at walmart?

Anywhere from 10 to 20 dollars.

Do yugioh cards have to be played in their own series's cards?


How much cards supposed to be in one yugioh deck?

40-60 but go for 40

How much do yugioh cards cost at a flea market?

In my flea market $1-$3

What are all the yugioh cards?

Are You Serious? No One Person Can list all the yugioh cards. Do you no how long that would take to type?

Should you get Pokemon cards or Yu-Gi-Oh?

yugioh cards.the trading game is played by more people and there are thousands of yugioh cards while there is only like 300 Pokemon cards. Yugioh game has better rules to folow.I would choose Pokemon cards but yugioh cards are kinda the same. they both have monster/animal/creature what ever you call them. they both have 2-4 differant power/ability cards. Pokemon has trainer,statium,supporter and energy cards. yugioh has spell and trap cards. But it is your opinon. I would choose Pokemon because i understand it more than yugioh.

How much are about 500 Yugioh cards worth in average condition cards like Celtic warrior flame munipulator dark magician red eyes b.chick elemental heros things like that the traditional cards?

Less than the box you would send them in.

Where to sell yugioh?

you can sell yugioh merchandise on ebay, amazon, etc.Get free yugioh cards,

How much is radiant mirror force the yugioh card worth worth?

one million dollars

How much is the Toon Summoned Skull yugioh card worth?


When did Yugioh cards come out?


How do you build a Yugioh deck?

you need to get a good amount of cards. They have to be strong and have good effects.Get free yugioh cards:

How much is Elemental hero bladedge worth?

The Elemental Hero Bladedge Yugioh card is worth approximately $1. The price of the Yugioh card will vary depending upon its condition.

How much would it cost to buy all Yugioh cards?

i think about 9 billion dollars

How do you get Yugioh cards?

you get yugioh cards in shops, many places sell them, even walmart sells them. you can also buy them on e-bay or

How much is a Vampire Genesis YuGiOh card worth?

10 cent piece

How much is a Japanese jinzo Yugioh card worth ultimate rare?


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Who created yugioh cards?

Kazuki takahashi