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A fraction of .001".

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Q: How much are air-gun match grade barrels choked?
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How do they do rifling on match grade barrels?

The barrel is bored, and rifled with a cutter or broach. Match barrels are frequently lapped (polished) with a lead lapper coated with very fine abrasive. This lapping polishes out tool marks left by the rifling process, and insures uniform diameter of the bore.

How many barrels of gunpowder were used in the gunpowder plot?

Thirty-six barrels of powder, Jack One little match and they'll never be back-

Is Hbar barrels a brand name?

No. HBAR is an acronym forHeavy Barrel. Also, referred to as a bull barrel. These are common barrels used in match or competition model rifles.

How much for daisy 177 cal flat nosed lead airgun pellets 500 count?

Daisy is not known for making match grade pellets (waddcuters) personally I would not use them but they could be sold about 1/3 the store price of $4.49 so the would make it $1.49

What is OTM ammunition?

It stands for Open tip match grade ammo

Stevens 25-20 cal rifle SN 65212 single shot round barrel 24 inches long first 8 inches are octogan under eject leaver is 44 in front of SN. SN also on barrel?

Yes, original barrels were numbered to match the recievers. However, the barrels are quite interchangeable and many guns have "swapped out" barrels that dont match. Guns with new made replacement barrels are sometimes marked but the numbers usually do not match the style of lettering making it a bit obvious they were made at a different time and would also lack the Stevens marking found on the top of the barrel.

What is match grade xdm hand gun?

It is a target pistol made by Springfield Armory.

Is the crosman 1377c an accurate airgun at long distances?

Actually Yes because of the length of the longer barrel plus it is capable if reaching 600 FPS It's a proved airgun and has been around, in one form or another since 1977. The gun is only part of the equation for accuracy. The pellet is also important. Try Beeman H&N Match .177 Cal, 7.5 Grains, Wadcutter or another match pellet. Also learn to breathe correctly and pull the trigger correctly.

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