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How much are cubicles?


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February 16, 2009 5:30PM

Cubicles can range in price. New cubicles can start as low as $499 ea- $$3,000. for a call center cubicle size 30x60x54, 6x6x54 can run $999 - $8,000. Used varies due to the condition of the cubes and the manufacturer. There are a few companies who manufacture cubicles like Skutchi Designs (very conservative on price). There are also companies like Knoll, Herman Miller and Steelcase (these are very expensive). Also accessories bring up the price in cubicles as well as the amount of walls that are shared to make up a cluster. The more walls the higher it will be. How many pedistal file cabinets will you need per cubicle? It can bring the cost up $99-250ea. If your looking to keep cost down I would recommened a company that may bundle it's cubicle. Again I would say Skutchi's would be in the running for this as well. If your looking to expand I would recommened staying away from used. The reason for this is down the road it is extremly hard to find the same cubicles. This can be a costly mistake. Make sure the company you buy from either stocks the line or has access to this line in the future.