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How much are drummer boy quarters worth?

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Those are the 1776-1976 bicentennial quarters, and they're still worth 25 cents.

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How much is a quarter dollar worth with independence hall on it?

Please check the back of your coin. Independence Hall was on the back of Bicentennial half dollars. Quarters showed a drummer boy.

Drummer boy quarters?

Were struck for the Bicentennial of the USA. They are in common circulation and unless in a mint set they are only worth 25 cents.

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How much would 1776 quarters be worth now?

The first U.S. quarters were struck in 1796.If you have a dual-dated coin with George Washington on one side and a drummer boy on the other, look at the other half of the date - 1976. Your quarter is one of about 1,680,000,000 struck as part of the Bicentennial celebration. Unless it's in brand-new condition it's worth exactly 25 cents.

How much is a 1775-1975 Paul revere quarter worth?

It's probably dated 1776-1976, with a drummer boy on the back. It's worth 25 cents.

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How much is a drummer boy quarter worth?

It's a Bicentennial Quarter that's still in circulation, more than 1.5 Billion were minted so you can spend it. It's worth 25 cents.

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How much is a drummer boy 1776-1976 quarter with a D on it?

It's a common bicentennial quarter, still worth 25 cents. Denver minted 860 million of them.

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