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Bleach in a pool I assume you mean amount of chlorine in Swimming Pools?

Chlorine treatment of swimming pools. Normally the the amount of Chlorine in the water is checked by test strips, which are normally part of a pool treatment test kit. The disposable test strips are dipped in the water and will change color, comparing the color against a test chart determines if more chlorine needs to be added. You will also need to test the acidity level of the water i.e. pH. The pH for pools is determined with another type of test strip in the kit.

Another Answer: Actually you can use common bleach in your pool as well if you like, although Chlorine tablets are the easiest and more economical to use. They dissolve slowly and maintain a more constant chlorine level in the pool. Also, an OTO test kit (which uses drops) is far more accurate than test strips. Hatawa.

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How much bleach to shock pool?

The amount of bleach needed to shock a pool depends on the size of the pool. It is best to use a pool bleach that is specifically formulated for that purpose. The directions on the bottle should be followed for safety.

Can I use bleach in my pool.?

Definitely not. Use proper care when cleaning your pool

Can you use pool chlorine in washing machine?

I do. Use half as much. Pool chlorine is 12.5% sodium hypochlorite Laundry bleach that I use is 6% sodium hypochlorite. Sometimes I dilute the pool chlorine by one part water to one part pool chlorine and use it just like regular laundry bleach.

Can you use bleach in pools?

It is possible to use household bleach in a pool but it can affect the chemical balance of the pool. It is recommended that chlorine be used instead.

How much bleach to disinfect a wading pool?

Be careful of sanitizing a small wading pool with bleach. Why not empty and refill?

How much bleach do you need to put in your swimming pool?

It is not recommended to put bleach in a pool at all. You put chlorine in them.

What household chemical can you use in your pool?


What to use instead of chlorine in a pool?


Can you use bleach to keep the water clear in your pool?

Yes. Bleach is a disinfectant.

Can I use bleach in an inflatable pool?

You can use bleach in an inflatable pool, but it may eat away at the plastic overtime. It is best to use small amounts for one season only.

Can you use liquid pool chlorine to bleach clothes in your washer?

Yes you could, but beware it is much stronger.

How much bleach per gallon in a pool?


How much bleach should you use in a 8000 gal pool to start?

4 cups as long as your ph is balanced

How much chlorine bleach would you add to water to simulate the chlorine level of a swimming pool if the pool is about 10000 gallons?

You should use about 15oz. if bleach to reach between 1.5-3.5ppm chlorine.Hope this helpRobert

How much bleach do you add for a 15 ft pool?

Chlorine is cheaper. Bleach is only 6% hydrochloric acid (chlorine). Get a pool test kit & let pH determine wether or not you need to add any. Add small quantities & retest until you are where you need to be.

Do all pool cleaners use acid?

They use some kind of chlorine bleach to disinfect the dirty pool water.

How much bleach do you add per gallon of water to swimming pool?

The amount of bleach you add per gallon of water to a swimming pool depends on the size of the pool. For a small wading pool that is up to 100 gallons you would add 1/8th of a cup of bleach.

Can you use household bleach to clean pool plaster without harm?

Household bleach should not be used to clean pool plaster, and may cause harm. However, using commercial strength bleach or an acid wash will not harm the pool plaster.

How much chlorine bleach needed for 4646 gallon pool?


Does a salt water pool contain bleach?

No, a salt water pool does not contain bleach.

Can you use household bleach to brighten up swimming pool plaster?

No that's going to be bad for the swimming pool

I can't get pool chlorine in the town I live in and I'm wondering if you can use household bleach as a substitute?

Yes, bleach is Sodium Hypochlorite, or commonly referred to as liquid chlorine in the pool business.

Can you use swimming pool bleach for laundry?

No. It is a different bleach for the pool. To be more precise, whilst chlorine is chlorine, which is the active part of the bleach, the chlorine for swimming pools is a lot more concentrated than laundry bleach, so you are likely to put in more than you intended.

How much bleach should you use to sanitize your pool?

If the water is not green, somewhere around a gallon per 4,000 gallons of pool water should be sufficient to bring your chlorine level into range.

How much bleach should you add to a 23000-gallon pool?

Standard laundry bleach works fine in a pool. You should be sure to get plain bleach, not scented. The chemical in bleach is exactly the same as the chemical in pool chlorine but is generally about half the concentration. Most bleach is 6% sodium hypochlorite while chlorine for pools is 10-12%. So generally you would use about twice as much bleach as chlorine. The amount you add must be determined using a test kit to determine your current level of chlorine. An online calculator to use to determine the amount of bleach to add is at As an example, if you have 0 ppm chlorine now and want to raise it to 4 ppm in a 23000 gallon pool, you would need to add 196 ounces (about 1-1/2 gallons) of bleach. For more help maintaining your pool using standard products like bleach, baking soda, and borax, search on "bbb method."

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