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2 drops of blue and 3 drops of red:D

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What colors make purple food coloring?

Red and blue make purple.

How do you make purple sugar?

Red and blue food coloring.....

What colors do you make purple out of food coloring?

Blue and Red. Might have to experiment to get the purple you want.

How do you make pink lemonade purple?

Add a drop of blue food coloring.

How do you make a purple milkshake?

Take a milkshake and put 3 drops of red food coloring and 3 drops of blue food coloring! :)

How do you make purple food coloring for icing?

A LOT of red and a few drops of blue. Just add one drop of blue food coloring at one time and stir. Keep adding the blue one drop at a time till you the right shade of purple you are looking for.

How do you take basic food coloring blue and make it royal blue food coloring?

Try adding a bit of red food coloring, a little bit at a time until the desired color of blue is achieved. To much red will turn the blue to purple. Try using a toothpick with the red. Best to try with a little blue icing first.

How do you make blue frosting?

well u could buy white frosting and color it with blue food coloring or make frosting and add blue food coloring to make it blue

How do you make blue watermelon?

put blue food coloring on it

How do you make blue food coloring?

ok first you boil vinegar and water . Then you put blue spinkles into the water to make a sweet scent . ...And where do you get the blue sprinkles at walmart where you can get the blue food coloring.

With food coloring what two colors make purple?

red and blue:D

Is red food coloring heavier than blue?

Red food coloring is heavier than blue. The reason for this is because it takes more compounds to make red food coloring. Red food coloring is too far from the normal color, so it is heavier.

How do you make color black from food coloring?

blue and green

Can you make your pee be blue?

just add food coloring

How do you make gravy turn indigo I know its a bit random but somebody told me its possible?

Blue food coloring. Blueberries or pomegranates...the skin...but mostly that'll be a deep burgundy purple grey, so maybe the blue food coloring. Sounds so appetizing, blue gravy--about like when my brother put blue food coloring in the beef stew our mom made back in the 1960s and no one could eat it.

How can you make blue icing?

Using white icing you will have to add blue food coloring to it.

How do you make water turn blue?

Food coloring, and other dyes.

How can you make yellow food coloring?

Combine blue and green. i think......

How do make the color silver with food coloring?

To make a silver coloring mix equal parts of Royal Blue and Coal Black.

How much of each red yellow blue and green food coloring does it take to make brown icing?

5 dips of food coloring

How do you make fake blue water for a craft?

You could add blue food coloring, or you can make the container holding the water blue.

How do you make purple spinach dip?

Maybe you could add beats? OR add food coloring..

How do you make food blue without food coloring?

Choke it so it cant breathe... cyanosis

How do you make purple icing?

The way you make any colored icing is using food coloring. You can easily get the recipe for homemade icing online. After completing the recipe, mix red and blue food coloring until you achieve the desired color. I would suggest beginning by adding the red and then adding drops of blue. That is the easiest way to get to the color you want.

How do you make blue daisies?

I think that the best way to make blue daisies is to put blue food coloring in water and then place the daisies (with stems) in the water. Let them sit and absorb the water and food coloring. If all goes to plan then you should have blue daisies!

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