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Bread will not give you bigger breasts without making your whole body correspondingly bigger.

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Q: How much bread should you eat for bigger breasts?
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Are breasts lopsided?

All breasts are slightly different sizes and can be somewhat lopsided. What I mean by that is, one is bigger than the other, but no worrys, it's not that much bigger than the other, nobody will notice but you.

How much bread should you feed a baby bird?

no bread

Milk make breasts bigger?

YES! Sometime it can, but I'm not sure it dose it as much as it use to. A few years farmers were giving there cow hormones as a result of getting milk faster. and there were parents complaining about their little girl developing too fast. So I guess it still kinda dose and something else to try if you are wanting to make your breasts bigger is wheat bread.

How much crisco should you use to fry chicken breasts?


If your breasts are two different sizes should your bra size fit the larger or smaller breast?

Pretty much all women have that, but go buy the bigger one and stuff the smaller. Otherwise the bigger one will spill over and then you get a "double," which does not look good.

Can bread make your butt bigger?

Yes. If you eat too much of it you will get bigger everywhere. Only exercise targeted on your butt will make you bigger only there. No food can target a particular area.

Is a bread of crumb bigger than a cell?

It is much bigger. The largest cell is a human egg- and that very large cell is the size of the period at the end of this sentence.

How much money will a person get if he does surgery on breasts?

= How much money will a person get if he does surgery on breasts? =

Can you get bigger breasts by eating mayonnaise?

You cannot get (just) bigger boobs by eating mayonnaise (or any other food) but you may gain unwanted overall body fat by eating too much mayonnaise.

What age should breasts grow in?

THERE IS NO AGE ages 8 through 18 pretty much

How much do breasts weigh?

It depends on the size and density of the breasts.

If you rub your boobs will they get bigger?

Well, it probably feels good, but your breasts mainly grow when you grow (and it depends on what you eat, how much you exercise, your genes etc.etc.).

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