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Q: How much caffeine in 5 hour energy drinks?
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Why are energy drinks bad for teenagers?

They have way too much caffeine

Does energy drinks effect your brain?

i think that energy drinks can effect you brain because it has to much caffeine in it and you can get to much of it in your system at one time just like alcohol.

Are energy drinks safe for children with ADHD?

Generally, they are, as long as they do not have too much caffeine.

Do energy drinks cause heart problems?

energy drinks, caffeine, coffee, smoking, beer, stress, pretty much anything can be bad for your heart

If you wake up shaking after drinking energy drinks what is it?

Energy drinks are mostly caffeine. Caffeine, especially in high doses, can cause shaking, tremors, high blood pressure, stomach upset, and even heart attack if you have too much. Cut back on your energy drinks.

What is dangerous to mix with caffeine?

Anything that already increases heart rate is dangerous to mix caffeine with. For example, energy drinks. Consuming energy drinks along w/ caffeine increases hear rate. Depending on how much of each you drink it could potentially be dangerous.

What goes into energy drinks that gives you energy?

Mainly caffeine and sugar (just caffeine in the sugar-free ones). It's much cheaper, and just as effective, to take caffeine pills, along with some candy if you want the sugar rush. Or drink coffee. Contrary to popular belief, most energy drinks -- like Red Bull -- contain LESS caffeine than coffee, not more.

Why energy drinks are very harmful for people?

They have a lot of caffeine and sugar, so you get a heart attack if you drink too much.

How do energy drinks affect blood sugar?

depends how much caffeine and sugar is in them so yea it can effect your blood sugar

What can cause death from energy drinks?

I am one of the kids who drinks it and i stopped once real facts started rolling in to much caffeine and sugar messes up your brain

How much caffeine is in energy drinks?

Depends on what energy drink you are consuming, my friend. This site has the info you are looking for.

How much caffeine is there in fizzy drinks?

depends on witch drink it is