Energy and Sports Drinks

Energy drinks are designed to give the consumer a temporary energy boost. They often contain caffeine, stimulants, herbal supplements, or high amounts of sugar. Their use is often controversial, but many people still swear by them. Sports drinks are beverages intended to replace water, electrolytes and energy lost while performing sports or in training. They are thought to give energy and improve sports performance.

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Energy and Sports Drinks

Do energy drinks reduce sperm counts?

No it does not. It's a false rumor.

Energy and Sports Drinks

Should you use the boost to get through?


Energy and Sports Drinks

Can energy drinks help you study for a test?

Everybody is different so for some energy drinks help the brain wake up. In other cases it energizes the person to much that they can't concentrate. I personally cannot focus after drinking an energy drink as I feel hyper.

Energy and Sports Drinks

How can Coca-Cola be harmful to your stomach?

The caffeine could slightly burn your stomach or put like a rash or a cut.

Energy and Sports Drinks

Does Gatorade eat the lining of your stomach?

well theres no chemicals in gatorade that do anything near, no. but it does have a lot of sodium which you should definitely limit.

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Energy and Sports Drinks

What amendment says adults purchase and consume alcoholic beverages?

The 21st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution repealed alcohol prohibition; there is no federal amendment that restricts purchase or consumption of alcohol to "adults". That is generally regulated by state law.

Energy and Sports Drinks

Does taurine contain bull sperm?

Taurine, or 2-aminoethanesulfonic acid, is an organic acid. It is also a major constituent of bile and can be found in the lower intestine and, in small amounts, in the tissues of many animals, including humans. Taurine is named after the Latin Taurus, which means bull or ox, as it was first isolated from ox bile in 1827 by German scientists Friedrich Tiedemann and Leopold Gmelin.

Bull sperm is made up of different substances, including the acid Taurine.

Taurine that we find in food and drink products today is not extracted from any part of animals; who would want that job?! Instead, it is artificially made in laboratories.

You can drink energy/stimulation drinks without fear that you are ingesting bull sperm.

Energy and Sports Drinks

Can energy drinks pick up on breathalyzers?


Energy and Sports Drinks

Is Gatorade a energy drink?

You can consider it an energy, personally I don't consider it an energy drink. It has electrolytes (which does energize you), and a lot of carbohydrates. The carbohydrates also add energy, but they are mainly for your muscle development. It is a quick and low burst of energy to keep you alert and hydrated during high motion or calorie burning activities. If you drink it while not doing anything, it will make you hyper and it will cause an increase in weight because of all the carbohydrates.

Energy and Sports Drinks

How much Gatorade is safe to drink in one day?

Read the label. I don't believe that it's unsafe to drink more than one but rather unhealthy.

Energy and Sports Drinks

What does energy drinks do to your body?

nothing good.

Energy and Sports Drinks

Where can you buy pre-sk8 energy drink? has it.

Energy and Sports Drinks

Can dogs die from energy drinks?

YES! NEVER allow it near ANY dogs! I could stop their heart and they could really die.

Energy and Sports Drinks

Are sobe adrenaline rush energy drinks safe to drink?

Well they are like energy drinks with the same heart risks as Monster, Rock star or any others but the risks are less probable to happen. But they are very dangerous to kids because they have harmful ingredients like Ginseng and Gorana.

Energy and Sports Drinks

How do energy drinks help plants grow better?

No, they will probably kill the plant.

Energy and Sports Drinks

Does energy drinks have bull sperm in them?

No energy drinks do not have bull sperm in them.

But they do contain one molecule called Taurine, which was first found in the bile from a bull.

The stuff that's used in energy drinks is all artificially made though.

Energy and Sports Drinks

How do energy drinks effect plant growth?

I believe that the plant will not grow bacause it has no chemicals.

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Energy and Sports Drinks

Where is the head office for Pepsi Co located?

jersey Shore/ Jiffy

Energy and Sports Drinks

What kind of energy drink would kill sperm?

The only energy drink that ive seen guaranteed to is "four loko" but that's been banned. though there are certain things that you might also do that reduce your sperm count such as:

1. having your cell phone in your front pocket

2. using a laptop

3. briefs

Energy and Sports Drinks

Where does the sports drink Gatorade come from?

Gatorade was developed in the 1960's by researchers at the University of Florida. Researchers were working on a beverage that could replace fluids that athletes lose while playing. They named it Gatorade after the University of Florida's football team the "Gators".

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Energy and Sports Drinks

Is the energy drink Power Up still being made?


It is for sale on Ebay as of May 24th 2007. Ebay ad says that it isexclusive to the Nintendo store in New York. So they are reselling it on Ebay 3.99 a can and 3.99 shipping and handling.

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Energy and Sports Drinks

Does sugar or caffeine give you more energy?


Energy and Sports Drinks

Do energy drinks kill goldfish?

Absolutely they do. Your goldfish does not want to drink or swim in your energy drink. they are for humans.

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Energy and Sports Drinks

Should you drink water or Gatorade while playing sports?

It depends on the type of sport you're playing, and the weather conditions. On a very hot day where the heat index is at a dangerous level, and where you are sweating well above normal, Gatorade might be a decent choice. Sports involving padding/helmets and hot weather certainly warrant consideration of Gatorade.

The idea of Gatorade hydrating you any better than water is a complete myth. Gatorade contains electrolytes, which water doesn't, to help aid your basic muscular functions in extreme conditions. But it isn't absorbed into your system any better or more quickly than water is. This is a very common misconception that has been drilled into our heads by Gatorade's marketing campaign.

The amount of sugar in the drink is worrisome, however. I recommend cutting Gatorade in 2 with water.

90% of athletes should just stick to water. And drinking Gatorade while not playing a sport is completely unnecessary!


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