How much carbon in 1 kg of wood?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: How much carbon in 1 kg of wood?
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Does a 2-kg iron brick have as much inertia as a 1-kg block of wood?


Does 2 kg iron brick have as much volume as a 1 kg block of wood?


How much carbon dioxide does 1 liter of petrol produce?

Typically 2.31 kg.

Does 2 kg solid iron brick have twice as much volume as 1 kg solid block of wood?

It depends, what type of wood as different types have different masses :)

Which will float on the water 1 kg block of wood or 1 g block of aluminum?


How much does 1 cubic meter of wood weigh?

It depends on the variety of the wood, whether is is seasoned and dry. From 170 kg per cubic metre for Balsa to 1370 kg per cubic metre for Lignum Vitae

How much carbon is emited by 1 Kg of L P G?

LPG content can mostly considered as propane. Propane = C3H8 so the molecular mass is =3x12+1x8 = 44 Atomic weight Carbon = 12kg/kmol Hydrogen = 1 kg/kmol Each mole of Propane contain 3 mole of Carbon. Amount of carbon emitted per kg of LPG is (1kgPropane /44kg/kmol)x 3 molCarbon/molPropane x 12 kg/kmolCarbon =36/44 = 0.818 kg carbon release

What does 1 kg of CARBON DIOXide weigh in lbs?


What is the price of 1 kg of carbon steel in Saudi Arabia?


How much does 1 liter of urine weigh in kg?

1 kg

How long does it take a tree to respire 1 ton of co2?

2/3 of dry wood is carbon. The carbon came from carbon dioxide. Trees grow at different rates so you need to find out fast it grows to answer the question. Say the tree adds a ton of dry wood in 1 year (1 Ton Wood/Yr). That locks up 0.667 ton of carbon. The carbon came from CO2 which is 0.375 carbon by weight. Cross-multiply and divide...solve for X: 1 Ton CO2 / 0.375 Ton CO2 = X Ton Wood / 0.667 Ton Wood X = 1.77 Ton Wood Divide by the rate and you get the time: 1.77 Ton Wood / 1 Ton Wood/Yr = 1.77 Yr

Which will float on water a 1-kg block of wood or a 1-kg block of aluminum?

Wood will. A solid block of aluminum will sink. Things float when their density is less than water. There are some woods that sink.