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None. All the water is still on the planet, and waste treatment plants do not fare well on "pure concentrated evil". The bacterial colonies that convert "poop" to soil don't work well / fast with high concentrations of contaminants. Conserving water is only an issue because we "won't" drink water that someone else has passed through their urinary or excretory systems. Despite the fact that in our bodies are water molecules that have done exactly that. So the waste comes about when we require this water to go to the ocean, evaporate, and fall down as rain again. And the issue ("saving water") is raised by the government employees that have to supply us with water from "virgin" (hah!) sources.

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Q: How much clean water does the average person waste?
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Place where waste water is made clean is a?

Water waste plant

What happens if you waste clean water?

Clean water is very important. If we waste clean water, we are going to use dirty water for the next few centuries. Imagine yourself washing your hands with muddy, filthy water... YUCK!

How clean is urine?

The majority of urine is water (somewhere around 90 or 95%). The rest of it is waste being removed from the body. The more water a person drinks the easier and quicker this waste will move out of the body; also the more a person drinks the more their urine will become cleaner and have a higher percentage of water.

When waste water clean is it really clean?

They are three types of waste water 1. Industrial waste water 2. Black water (Toilets) 3. Grey water (Domestic waste water) Out of those Black water is not treated and the remaining two are treated. Waste water is 99.9% pure and the remaining 0.1% constitute all the waste. While salt water is 95% pure. If we develop a suitable technology we can pure that waste water and can reuse . But up to date Grey water is cleaned by no of processes and the purified water is used for Gardening and Toilet flush

Why is water wasted?

Wasting water means wasting energy. When the water you waste goes down the drain, that means the energy that was used to clean and filter that water went all to waste. The water goes back into the ground, and it takes even more energy to filter and clean it again. Some water also ends into the ocean and since it takes time for the flow of salt water to become clean water, our amount of clean water will decrease. So basically every pint of water that you waste ends up into the ground, sea, river never becomes automatically clean again.

Why it is wrong it to waste water?

Because it costs money to clean it and make it suitable for use again. The less water we waste - the less it costs to recycle it !

What is the principal goal and advantages of waste water treatment?

to keep the environment clean

How much waste water per day?

You waste about 10 gallons of water a day just for one person

Homeowners use what kind of of tanks to collect and clean their waste water?

septic tank

Is swamp water clean?

No it isn't. It contains the waste of all the trees and animals that live in it.

How many sources of waste water?

If you mean in an average home, waste water occurs from:kitchen sink, especially when washing dishes and just letting the water runbathroom sink, again, especially if the person just lets the water run during tooth brushing or shavingtoiletbath tubshowerlaundry area - washer

What is the difference between clean water and polluted water?

contamination is when germs enter the water and pollution of water is when liquid waste or rubbish are thrown in the water.