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That completely depends upon your injuries and whether or not they are COMPLETELY life altering or just temporary. Talk to a lawyer about this to be more specific.

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Q: How much compensation can you get for an automobile accident?
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Will workers compensation cover your vechicle in an automobile accident?

Certainly Not. Workman's Compensation has nothing to do with paying for a vehicle or any other property losses.

How much do auto insurance rates increase from an accident?

After an automobile accident the automobile insurance carrier will usually raise the rates of the liability 7-10% depending on the severity of the accident.

How do automobile insurance policies work?

Automobile insurance policies usually vary by region and country. In most countries, a standard automobile insurance policy works by covering third-party liabilities to your automobile, statutory accident benefits, and property damage compensation.

Who is the Minister for the Accident Compensation Corporation for New Zealand?

Judith Collins is the Minister for the Accident Compensation Corporation for New Zealand.

How can one receive compensation for an injury one suffered in a car accident?

One can receive compensation for an injury one suffered in a car accident by visiting the many leading injury compensation firm specialists such as Fentons which will help you receive compensation for an injury suffered in a car accident.

What is traffic collision?

An automobile accident.

What is the meaning of the term injuries claim?

An injury claim is when someone receives an injury and the claim is sent to an insurance company for compensation. If you are hurt at work, the claim would be submitted to worker's compensation. An automobile accident injury would be submitted to the auto insurance company.

Was the automobile an accident invention or was it made on purpose?

It was no accident. Men worked long and hard to develop the automobile. I will post a link for you with lots of information.

Where can one apply for a Car Accident Compensation Claims?

To apply for a Car Accident Compensation Claims you can do so over the phone with a licensed agent, or you can start a claim online on a secured website. You can take help of privat parties dealing in accident compensation claims.

Who is Michelle Bruns?

Not much information can be found for Michelle Bruns. It appears that she was the victim of an automobile accident in 2013.

How did jerry Edmonton die?

Automobile accident.

How fast can a automobile accident happen?

in an instant.

How can one file a claim for compensation in the UK?

There are many different types of compensation one may be entitled to in the UK. Should someone be hurt violently, physically, or in an automobile accident, one should contact a lawyer to seek medical advice. They will be able to assist and start the claim process.

Failure to report an accident?

You really only need to report an accident if you expect any compensation.

What is the tax percentage on a settlement from a car accident?

The proceeds of compensation from an award for a vehicle accident are not taxable.

How did Buford Pusser die?

I believe he was in an automobile accident.

How did Obamas dad die?

He was killed in a automobile accident.

Who did brandy kill in the automobile accident?

she killed her cousin

How was general george Patton killed?

Automobile accident

Can I get Pain and suffering compensation from deer accident?

Yes you should

When in an accident in the UK what compensation does one get?

If involved in an accident in the United Kingdom, you are entitled to compensation to cover the price of your vehicle and personal injury. You merely have to have photos of the damage to the vehicle and/or personal injury.

How much time do you have to file a workers compensation report after an accident?

It varies by state, but don't delay - it's usually not a long time.

How did Pierre Michelin die?

He died in an automobile accident in 1937.

What is better than presence of mind in an automobile accident?


Could you give me a sentence involving the word compensation?

The court awarded compensation to the plaintiff for the injuries he received in a car accident.