How was general Patton killed?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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No, he was killed in an automobile accident on December 21, 1945.

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US General George S. Patton died following an automobile accident in Europe on December 21, 1945 .

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Automobile accident

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Q: How was general Patton killed?
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Who killed general Patton?

Nobody, Patton died in his sleep of pulmonary edema and congestive heart failure at about 18:00 on December 21, 1945 after being injured in a vehicle accident.

Who pinned the third star on General Patton's uniform?

Early in the war, General Eisenhower pinned the third star on General Patton's uniform. This was a promotion for Patton, who was then a lieutenant general.

George s Patton jr middle name?

Patton's middle name was Smith. Though known as a junior, he was actually the third George S. Patton, after his father and grandfather. The grandfather of the WWII general, the original George Smith Patton, was killed in 1864 while serving as colonel of the 22nd Virginia Infantry Regiment in the Confederate Army.

How did Patton die?

George Patton was killed in a 1945 car accident in Germany.

Who was George Patton?

Patton was an American general during WW2

Who was the american general in ww2?

Eisenhower , Patton - too many to enumerate .

What country did George S Patton represent?

Patton was an American general.

What was George C Scott's role in Patton?

He played General Patton.

Who is Reard Patton?

I found no record of a Reard Patton and if he existed he was not related to General George S. Patton.

What does Major General P mean?

general Patton

Did General George S Patton's father fight in the Civil War?

Colonel George S. Patton, his grandfather, served in the 22nd Virginia Infantry of the Confederate States of America and was killed during the Battle of Opequon. As an interesting side note: The Confederate Congress had promoted Colonel Patton to brigadier general; however, at the time, he had already died of battle wounds, so that promotion was never official. Had he survived a few more days he would have been the first "General Patton" instead of his grandson.

How old was general George Patton?

Older than Mr. Eric Patton.