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It isn't really the same type of memory nor is the method of storage easily compared. For example a computer can store 'one' as a single bit or as 3 bytes of ascii. The brain stores it very differently.

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Is ram brain of the computer?

The processor would be considered to be the brain of the computer. RAM is just part of the working memory of the computer.

Does a computer have a brain?

If a computer has a "brain", it would be the CPU, or Central Processing Unit.

Is the monitor considered the brain of the computer?

No it is not, the closest relation to a brain in the computer would be the Hard Drive and the CPU

Which is the fastest memory in a computer?

The fastest type of memory would be the registers on the CPU.

How can you check the memory of a computer for errors?

To check the memory of a computer for errors, you would need to check the computer's task manager. Similarly, the memory of a computer can be checked via the control panel.

What do computers and brains have in common?

Things in common, would probably be..FunctionsBoth have a purposeMemorySelf maintenanceBrain evolves and computer updatesSignals

What would happen to the brain if it was damaged?

The brain gets damaged or injured most likely at the front. When the brain get damaged at the front the brain would lose all memory. At the back, the brain would break the stem.

How do digital picture frames work?

They are like a little LCD computer monitor with a little "computer brain" you might say, that reads and displays the image file off your camera's memory stick, just like your computer would.

What would you brain store in short term memory?

I forget.

Where can one get information on memory ram?

Any local computer store would have information on the memory ram of a computer. The employees of these computer stores are professionals and the information that they provide would be ideal.

Do computer games ruin a computer?

No, why would they? They simply just take up memory on the computer

Do you have to install memory on the motherboard to start up computer?

Technically, no, but it is extremely suggested that you do, as the computer would be nearly useless without memory.

Who is the brain of computer?

the brain of the computer is a squishy thing that goes right into the mouse and if you throw the mouse on the ground your computer crashes so dont do that that would be terrible...

Which part of the computer is called its nervous system?

The CPU is considered the "brain" of the computer, and since the brain is part of our nervous systems, this would be your answer.

Would a computer give you brain damage if you are on to long?


What are the different computer memory types?

There are seven basic types of computer memory. These seven types would be Random Access Memory, Serial Access Memory, Dynamic Random Access Memory, Video Random Access Memory, Flash Memory, Shadow Random Access Memory, and Read Only Memory.

Would a video game on a disc take up the memory of your computer or laptop?

Anything that is run on your computer uses memory(also called RAM)

What is the brain of your PC?

The main brain of your PC is your processor. But many other parts of your PC makes up its 'brains' such as the registers, main memory, cache memory. The brain of your PC would be its CPU or the central processing unit or the processor. It is the necessary part of your PC system to be able to carry out the instructions of a computer program. It is also the primary element carrying out the computer's functions.

Can a memory chip be connected to the brain of honeybee?

why not??? but it would have to be a pretty small chip!!!

Loss of memory would indicate damage to what part of the brain?


What would happen to the human body if the brain was taken out?

The brain is the computer for the body. Without it the body is dead. So, without a brain you would be dead.

Why does computer need memory?

A computer has to follow a set of instructions called a program.If it is asked to find the solution of a particular question then the information or instructions must be stored would be stored in one of the two types of computer memory called main memory and secondary memory.

If you by a memory card and transfure your careers to it would you be able to play them with out axcessing live?

Just as you need a computer to put information onto a memory card you will need a computer or something that reads memory cards to print from the memory card

What does the human brain do?

It controls your body to do things whatever you want to do. And stores your memory if the brian wasn't there there would have benn no memory at all.

What is organic and artificial memory?

Organic would be the type of memory people have, made of living cells. Artificial would be like computer RAM (Random Access Memory) or a computer hard drive, something that is created by people instead of occurring naturally.