How much detergent to use for load of laundry?

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It depends on the size of the load, the type of material you're washing and the type of detergent you are using. HE detergents use much less than conventional. Look on the bottle or bottle cap for directions.
If you have one of the newer lower water use machines, check the directions. Mine only needs two or three tablespoons of HE detergent per load.
It depends upon several factors:

a) The size of the load (the larger the load, the more detergent will be required)
b) How dirty the load is (the more dirty, the more detergent is likely to be needed)
c) How hard your water is (the harder the water, the more detergent is likely to be needed)
d) The concentration of detergent used (the less concentrate the detergent, the more will be required)

Basically, it is impossible to say how much detergent to use without seeing your laundry, how dirty it is, what kind of water you have and which detergent you intend to use. However, manufacturers will have done extensive testing of their products and will have instructions on the packaging as to how much detergent to use for various combinations of (a)-(c) above.

If you are uncertain of the factors above I suggest your own testing: use the lower/lowest dosage suggested by the manufacturer and see how it washes - if it isn't satisfactory, try a higher dosage suggested. After a while of doing your laundry, you should have gained the experience to know which dosage to use for each load of laundry.
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How much laundry detergent should you use for a load of wash?

Laundry detergent makers include full instructions on how to use their product, including how much. Nowadays, concentrated detergent means less is more and more could be worse