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Ask someone at the reference desk of your local public library for the Occupational Outlook Handbook. It lists all kinds of information you would need to know,(including the salary) of just about any occupation you can think of.

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Q: How much do Animal Cruelty Investigators make?
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How much do cruelty investigators make?

In Texas, the average salary for a animal cruelty investigator is $31,000 and higher.

How much does an animal cruelty investigator make a year?

The average salary for an animal cruelty investigator is $31,000. Higher salaries can be provided for individuals who look into animal cruelty crimes as a cop.

Is animal cruelty illegal or legal?

Illegal in pretty much all developed countries. In many poorer countries, however, no laws against animal cruelty exist.

Who does animal cruelty effect?

The whole planet, pretty much directly.

Who much do Criminal Investigators make?

The average salary that a criminal investigator can make is $77,860. Criminal investigators are able to make more if they are employed by the federal government.

How much would a cruelty fine in Wichita ks cost for horse cruelty?

Animal cruelty fines typically run from $200-$2,000 and up and possibly a year in prison.

Why are people against animal cruelty?

I can't believe you're asking this. Animal cruelty is sick! Animals feel things just as much as a human does so if it's wrong to do it to a human how could it be right to do it to an animal?

How much animal cruelty is in America?

Too much but a lot less than some other countries

How much is chinchilla fur worth?

Animal Cruelty. You've got to sell your soul.

How much do criminal investigators get paid?

Criminal investigators make around 40,000 dollars a year. This depends on which law enforcement departments you work with and where they are located.

What can you do to help stop animal cruelty?

There is not much you can do to stop animal cruelty. But if you find out someone is abusing or neglecting an animal call the police, and fix the situation like that. If you want to help neglected animals volunteer at an animal shelter where they take in abused pets. And as always a good way to stop cruelty is to donate money to an organization or spread the word to encourage people to stop abusing and neglecting their animals.

How much do crime scene investigators make?

they usually make a salary of 12.5 million dollars a year

Why animal cruelty is an issue?

Animal cruelty is an issue for two main reasons. The first is the effect on the animal itself and secondly on the human doing the abusing.It is unclear how much consciousness an animal has. However, we can be pretty sure animals feel pain. Therefore, animal cruelty is just as bad as beating a baby. They may not be able to express their pain or fear, but it doesnt make it any less worse. It is never right to hurt something even if you consider it to be a dumb animal.The other problem with it, is how it affects the person. A very high percentage of criminals abused small animals as children. When we hurt other living things, it takes a toll on us as human beings.Animal cruelty is an issue because we have to stand up for the innocent.

How much money does an animal control employee earns per year?

How many animals are died because of cruelty animals?

Why is it not animal cruelty to send animals into space?

Probably because it was along time ago and we didn't care as much as we do now.

What is dog cruelty?

Dog cruelty can range from a lot of things, such as neglecting it, or abusing it. Abuse is described as hurting the dog in any way that puts the dog at discomfort. You can also neglect a dog by not giving it enough attention. You can also starve a dog by not feeding it enough. Pretty much dog cruelty is something that would make the dog uncomfortable living with you. If you suspect animal cruelty, please report them to the authorities, there is always a better home for a dog :)

How much do detective's make?

Police detectives and investigators can make up to $120,000 per year. On average a detective will have a salary of $75,000 per year.

What is the worst animal ever?

The worst animal ever in terms of cruelty and destruction to our own planet has to be Humans. Yes humans also do much good. But when everything is weighed up the destruction is clear

How much does a detective make a month?

Detectives and criminal investigators earned a median wage of $5075.83 per month in 2008.

How much money did Intolerable Cruelty gross worldwide?

Intolerable Cruelty grossed $121,327,628 worldwide.

How to make animal and plant cells?

It pretty much has to do with sex to make the animal cell...

Is it cruelty to kill animals for meat?

Cruelty as it is generally seen is cause suffering unnecessarily to an animal. people like many other animals eat other animals and that is a simple fact of life. the treatment of the animal before being killed and the way in which it is killed can be either cruel or not cruel.

How much do investigators get paid?

$25,000-$50,000 a year

How much do private investigators earn in the UK?

they are illegal

Why do CSI make so much money?

because they are Crime Scene Investigators why wouldn't they, it is their job to show who is a suspect and who is a victim/innocent.