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Ok a farmer that has a farm that is good and big enough will get much money. A farmer in a year i doubt they will get alot , and it depends on what they have.

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Q: How much do farmers make a year?
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How much money do alpaca farmers make a year?

not much mate.

How much money do elk farmers make for a year?

The amount of money that elk farmers make per year varies based on various factors. On average, they will make about $82,000 per year.

What salary does a farmer receive?

farmers have about 800 a month and 15,000 a year farmers have about 800 a month and 15,000 a year Farmers make about $500,000/year

How much money do farmers make per year selling Mexican jumping beans?

Enough to cross the border.

How much money do farmers make a year?

I am a farmer so I Know if I have a good crop then I get around 2.6 billion dollars.

How much money do farmers earn?

normal farmers *and not industrial farmers earn about $30,000 a year so that's about $2,500 a month

How much do Australian farmers make?

It depends on what they produce and how much they produce.

How much do banana farmers earn?

an average of £30,000 a year

How much money do farmers spend each year?

about $560,000

How much money does a farmer make each year?

A farmer's income varies according to the year and is dependent on the weather. It also depends on how much land they farm. The average income is between 40,000 and 100,000 dollars a year. Some farmers make quite a bit more.

Salary and pay for farmers?

They make 1 billion per year

What amount of money do vegetable farmers get in a year?

Depends on what they sell and how much of it.

What amount of money do corn farmers get in a year?

Its according how the weather goes each year,if there is plenty of water there will be a big crop yieding more corn and money if there is not much rain or its very very hot the farmers won't have as much and won't make very much money,sometimes even losing the corn crop because of drout.

How much does a farmer get for his milk a year?

Farmers make approx 11- 14 dollars per 100 weight, 8.605 lbs per gallon

How much do orange farmers make?

not much maybe 2.50 to 3 dollars a hour

How much the dea make in a year?

How much the dea make in a year?

How much does a flabotimist make a year?

how much and does a flabotimist make a year

How much lawyers make a year?

lawyers make about 124,750 a yearLawyers make an average of this much a year.

How much money does a dairy farmer make?

In the United States, the typical dairy farm brings in a yearly net income of $239,800. Farmers in general make an average of $60,750 per year.

How much do you make weekly if you make 74000 a year?

If you make 74,000 a year how much is that hoourly

How much does a pediatrition make per year?

how much do you make per year

Who were farmers angry with and why?

The farmers were angry with the cattlemen because the cattlemen kept destroying the farmers fences. Then the cows would eat the farmers crops. If that does not satisfy you, then you will need to make your question much more specific.

Who makes 200000 a year?

Several types of people make 200,000 a year. Some people that may bring home that much money are doctors, lawyers, scientists, farmers, and small business owners.

How much money does cocoa farmers get?

£50 pound a year Ryan raeburn p6b

How much money do Chinese farmers make in profit?

570 dollars average