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My friend has a invisible braces and her parents paid it for around 2,000 or 3,000 dollars


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The cost of invisible braces depends on the orthodontist and company offering the invisible braces. Typically they cost anywhere between 2000 and 4000 pounds.

about 4,000 to 5,000. (Amounts in USD)

Invisible braces usually are more expensive.

the cost varies but some insurance companies cover this

Invisible braces are more expensive. They do not have any brackets or wires which bound the braces. Invisible braces are like a tray and they are more comfortable.

The typical cost of a child getting braces depends on if it is covered by your work dental plan and if they get metal or invisible braces. Metal braces cost around $5,000 and plastic around $6,000.

You can get invisible braces or white elastics might work. But other than invisible braces you CAN'T hide braces.

Invisible bracees do indeed work as well as traditional braces. The invisible braces are more exspensive,but look alot better than th traditional braces.

Invisible braces began to be developed in the USA and Japan in the 70s. They began as lingual braces, which were adhered to the back of the teeth, and thus, invisible.

how much do braces cost for a 12 year old the cheapest ones?Answerbraces are like $7000.

how much do metal braces cost for all mouth

Depending on your circumstances braces can cost between $1500 -$5000

Invisible braces were invented so that people who didn't want to show they had braces didn't have to show them. They were also invented because a man figured out a way to make them and so he did and that's why invisible braces were created or invented.

i don't think getting invisible braces are different from getting normal braces and braces does not hurt when you are getting them but when you got them on for a few hours or so it will kinda hurt

The prices is usually about double that of normal braces. Normal braces cost around $2,000-$4,000. There is no real difference in results.

The base cost for braces is the same, at some point of braces treatment you may need a chain or several, there is no added cost to have a chain with braces since it's included in the original cost

William James invented the invisible braces because he looked dorky in visible ones hi

Invisible braces should be treated like regular braces. You have to keep them in at all times and only take them off for eating and brushing.

Justin Bieber had braces. They were just invisible.

the rubber bands which make the braces colourful are free, they are a part of the braces.

The cost of braces will depend on what type of insurance a person has. If the insurance covers braces, the price will be significantly reduced.

If you think about how much normal braces cost ( top and bottom) around £2500 or $3000 if you pay for them and the metal braces are probably cheap braces. You would also have to go to a specilist orthodontist.

Braces in England are from $3000 to $5000 maximum. This depends on the quality of the braces you use. For medium quality, you can use braces that will cost you $4000. As the cost also depends on the dentist who is placing the braces in.

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