How much do navy reserve make in basic training?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: How much do navy reserve make in basic training?
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How much money do you make in the army basic training?

you will make about 3000 dollars if u enter as a e1

How much does an e 2 make in the army basic training?

$1,622 a month before taxes and other deductions.

What is air force basic training like?

Its something the soldiers never expected to be. Its a hard training. but youll survive. They make you do things that have to be done by certain amout of time. and time you dont have much.

What training is required for a hostess?

Normally not that much. I suppose you need training with handling people and probably some basic math skills

How many people drop out of the army basic training each year?

Generally there are about 1500 soldiers who drop out of Basic Training, most of which do so because of fraudulent enlistment (concealing medical or moral issues), it has become much more difficult for someone to get kicked out of basic.

How much more freedom do you have in tech training compared to basic training in the air force?

alot more, its the transition from basic to your job. there is three phases you have to earn the third being the most freedom but it depends on the tech school.

How much energy would an athlete use on a basic training day?

2 to 4 thousand calories

How much does a training manager make?

A training manager's salary varies greatly depending on the type of training. Some managers will make about 72,000 per year and some will make more.

What is range facility management support system rfmss?

allows units to reserve range up to two years....well dudes.

What is involved in STNA Training, how long does it take, and how much does it cost?

A State Trained Nursing Assistant is a basic nurse. It requires about 75 hours training. Training course fees start as low as $150.00.

How far in advance does range facility management support system Allow Units To Reserve Range And Training Area as much as?

24 months/ two years

How much does it cost to send one troop through air force basic training?

Bout 6 grand