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Anywhere from 150k to 300k

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2010-11-17 01:42:58
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Q: How much do psychiatrists make?
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How much do psychiatrists make in Atlanta Georgia?

$54,000 a year i am one

How much money do psychiatrists make?

psychiatrists generally make 100,000+ forensic psychiatrist make much, much more maybe in the 200,000s+ but if you want to get a job in that field, do it because you love it and want to help people and not just for the money because if you do it for the money, you'll get sick of it

How much does a forensic psychiatrist earn?

I've heard some Psychiatrists make $450/hr!

How much do psychiatrists get paid in Vancouver BC?


How are psychiatrists and clinical psychiatrists a like?

All psychiatrists who treat patients are clinical psychiatrists. This comprises the majority of psychiatrists. There are a minority of psychiatrists who perform research or who do administrative work only.

Was there psychiatrists in 1492?

no. there were psychiatrists before 1942.

Psychiatrists differ from psychologists because psychiatrists?

Psychiatrists differ from psychologists because psychiatrists hold a Ph.D., while psychologists require only a bachelors degree. Psychiatrists are able to prescribe medications/

How much do addiction psychiatrist make?

Addiction therapists make from $30,000 to $75,000 per year (USD), depending on degrees, experience and the particular job. Psychiatrists specializing in addiction make much more, since they are also medical doctors.

What kinds of psychiatrist are there?

Psychiatrists include: Child and adolescent psychiatrists Addiction psychiatrists Forensic psychiatrists Liaison psychiatrists Geriatric psychiatrists Neuropsychiatrists Also those specialising in psychosomatic medicine, behavioral neurology, mood disorders, autism and anxiety disorders.

What is the average malpractice insurance for psychiatrists?

malpractice psychiatrists in philadelphia

How much do psychiatrists get paid?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that psychiatrists earned an average income of $149,990 in 2006. Merritt, Hawkins & Associates reported that the psychiatrists it recruited between April 2004 and April 2005 were offered an average yearly income of $176,000.

How many psychiatrists are there?

There are an estimated 7,000 people in the United States who work as psychiatrists. Psychiatrists can work in hospitals or in their own private practice.

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