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How much do real estate agents make a year?

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Q: How much do real estate agents make working for a builder?
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What is the average income for real estate agents in Manhattan?

There is a small cadre of real estate agents, primarily in commercial leasing and luxury condo/coop market, who make a lot of money, and some even make over $500,000 a year. However, the overwhelming majority of real estate agents make less than the average office worker. In fact, some real estate agents in Manhattan make less than $20,000, less than the guy working in the mail room in a corporation. The average is also skewed down by part-time agents who may be housewives or actors. The average income for real estate agents in Manhattan is probably around $35,000 a year.

How much do real estate agents make a month?

$1,000,000,000 a month

How much do real estate agents make on a sale?

Depends on broker

How much money does a real estate make?

The median annual earnings of real estate agents were $30930 in 2002.

How much money could a real estate agent make?

Now days several people want to become real estate agents because of the independence and expected income they can make. Real estate agents can make a lot of money, but the average income for a real estate agent is only $39,000 a year. There are many reasons the average income of real estate agents is low, one of the biggest reasons actuality many agents only work part-time. The average income for a full-time real estate agent is over $54,000 a year.

How do real estate business make their money?

In some cases, real estate agents are employed by, and paid a salary by, their broker.

Salary of a real estate agent?

The salary that a real estate agent earns really depends on many factors. For one, a real estate agent that is working part-time normally makes less than an agent who works full-time. Also, the commission split that an agent has with his or her office will have an impact on the agents pay. For example, an agent working full-time making close to 100% of the commission will make considerably more than an agent working part-time and splitting 50% of the commssion with the employing broker. In other words, there are many factors that affect a real estate agents yearly pay. With that said, an agent can expect to make anywhere between $5,000 or over a six-figure income, all depending on the agents work ethic, attitude, and the above factors. It has been noted that, on average, real estate agents make $10,000 per year and that 20% of all realtors make 80% of all the income.

Do real estate brokers make base salary and commission?

Brokers make a percentage of what they sell or what their agents (if any) sell.

How much money do real estate agents earn in Australia?

The starting annual income for a real estate sales agent in Australia is around $49,000. Senior sales agents can make as much as $85,000. The average annual salary is $65,000.

What days of the week do real estate agents work?

Real Estate Agents work for themselves, so it is really up to them to decide what days they work. Many agents work seven days a week if they need to. They work whenever they must in order to make a sale, especially with the market so depressed in many areas.

What is the work of a real estate broker?

The real estate broker runs the brokerage. He or she hires agents, fires agents, and runs the business. The following answer is not true, and it is not mine. His duty is to find the buyer and seller from the market and make a deal between them he is like a bridge between seller and buyer.

What is the job descrition for a real estate agent?

Real estate agents' job is generally to help owners of a property getting sold. There are also cases in which agents help buyers to locate and buy the best property according to their preference. Of course, it's already a standard operating procedure that the agents has to contact the seller of the property in order to meddle between the owner and the buyer. The real estate agents' jobs include appraise, manage, and develop the real estate property. Sometimes, the agents have to combine the knowledge on law practice and insurance agency processing as additional service to make the property selling or acquisition completely legal and settled.

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