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TNA wrestlers make a good amount...But obviously not as much as the employee's of World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. But, still a fair amount to about 500,000 for guys like Angle or a wrestler who has been around for a while or is a very popular wrestler.

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Q: How much do tna wrestlers get paid?
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How much do tna wrestlers make?


Are all ECW Wrestlers in TNA now?

No, not all ECW wrestlers are in TNA. Only a few former ECW wrestlers are in TNA. Please see the related link for the ECW wrestlers that are apart of TNA.

Who are the ton 10 highest Paid wrestlers in the WWE and in TNA wrestling?

Highest paid wrestler in WWE is Triple H.

Did anybody from TNA die?

Well some TNA Wrestlers maybe dead but TNA IS Fake so there wont be that much

How much do TNA wrestlers earn yearly?


How much does tna wrestlers get paid?

most midcarders get paid around 50,000 to 100,000, while others like Kurt Angle get paint about 500,000/year. WWE Wrestlers make much more considering have 200 shows a years in arenas with 2000+ attendance at the minimum. While TNA house shows are always under 1000 and TNA impactzone is around 1100 capactity. TNA also gets less viewers & merchandise sales then wwe so I highly doubt the last answer of millions is true.

How do you create tna wrestlers in smackdown vs raw 2011?

Visit their you can see some of the created wrestlers like wwe wrestlers,tna wrestler and others

All tna wrestlers for svr 08?

i dont get your answer was it are TNA wrestlers in smackdown vs raw 2008 weel if it was sorry the are not but you can create them

Are there any gay wrestlers in tna?

Yes. TNA Orlando Jordan

Which wrestlers going to tna-?

It is believed that Bobby Lashley is going to TNA.

Which has better wrestlers TNA or WWE?

wwe they have better wrestlers wwe has better wrestlers than tna. tna is a big pile of big shows armpit hair You do realize that a lot of the WWE's and WCW's past wrestlers are on TNA right matter of fact I just saw Jeff Hardy on there and alot of people from WCW's NWO is on there. tna took people from wwe to make it look so cool.

Why are so many people leaving WWE and going to tna?

Most reasons are that wrestlers are released from wwe and go to TNA. Other reasons are that wrestlers are not happy with there position in WWE so they go to TNA.

What wrestlers are they in Tna impact for ps3?


How many wrestlers in TNA?


Will tna become the next wcw?

TNA have some former WCW wrestlers but I think TNA will not be next WCW !

Who were the men that attacked Sting on TNA?

Possibly older TNA wrestlers. Its still unknown.

Is tna just like wcw?

kind of because tna has a lot of old wrestlers

Are any of the tna wrestlers bisexual?

Sharkboy is...

What is the starting salary of a wrestler?

A WWE wrestler can make $50,000$ to $1,000,000 a year. TNA superstars Get about half of that. WWE's biggest and most paid superstar is john cena. He at least makes 2,000,000. TNA's most paid wrestler is Kurt angle at $650,000. Cena doesn't make two million a year. Kurt is not TNA highest paid wrestlers that would be Hogan Bischoff and flair. Don't sorealies

How much do WWE wrestlers get paid 2010?

in the thousands

What is the real name of all TNA wrestlers?

Please see related link for all the TNA employees.

How much do wrestlers get paid?

$100/show as a Indy wrestler $300/show after you make a name for yourself $800/show TNA $0/show for about 6 months then $2500/show

Are any TNA wrestlers coming to WWE?


Are TNA wrestlers on Smackdown vs Raw games?


How much the wwe wrestlers get paid annually?

15,000 £ a week