How much do you feed your 8 lb poodle?

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I'd think 1/2 c food 2 X day, 3/4 of a cup if it is canned, canned looks like more but its not, factor in the water content.

My breeder and vet tells me to feed my four month, eight pound puppy 1 1/2 cups of dry puppy food a day, if he wants more, feed it to him up to four hours before bedtime. At this age poodles are growing very fast.
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How much should you feed an 8 lb cat?

I always leave dried food in my cats dish (up on a special table where the dogs can't eat her food along with fresh water.) There is no actual need to worry about how much you

How much do you feed a 5 month old miniature poodle?

Start with an amount that looks right. If it is too much, your dog will leave it (unless you have a bull terrier). Basically just try and try again until your dog is happy. I

8 week old puppy that is 6.5 lb how much should you feed him?

it depends on what kind of dog it is. If it is a big dog, get the food for bigger dogs, and look on the back of the bag for serving amounts. they should have different amounts

What do you feed poodles?

I feed my poodle IAMS dog food.You can also feed them:steak,pork chops, lettuce, tomatoes, apples, oranges, carrots, non-chocolate cereal,(sugar-free), chips, milk,fruit,(no b

How much do you feed a 10 lb dog?

Is the dog mature now? or a pup?. Mature dog at 10 lbs eats less, i'd guess at 1/2 cup of food or 1/4 cup two times a day.

How much food should you feed a toy poodle?

It's best to feed our dogs dry kibbles because it also helps clean there teeth of tarter. You should go buy what the directions say on the bag of food your feeding. I feed my

How much to feed a 13 lb poodle?

It would be in your dogs best interest to ask your veterinarian, but also on the bag of dry food is the directions on how much to feed according to weight and age. My poodle w

How much to feed 17 lb poodle?

You should feed your dog about 1 cup of food a day (a little less if he is less active). Feeding your miniature poodle the right amount of food everyday will ensure that he do
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What can you feed poodles?

Well, obviously dog food, but they can also eat, steak, pork chops and practically all meats. Vegetables, like tomatoes, lettuce. Fruits: like apples, oranges, carrots. Bu