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How much do you tip a pizza delivery person?


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January 11, 2009 2:05AM

Two to three dollars for a normal 1-2 pizza order. A large order for a party warrants a larger tip. If you think about it, we tip servers 15 to 20 percent for waiting on us in the restaurant. Why wouldn't we tip the pizza guy at least that much for schlepping the pizza to our homes? On the other hand, a server in a restaurant has a lot more responsibility in serving the customer than a deliver person has. A delivery person is more like a cashier--he doesn't take your order; he doesn't check to see if the food is good; he doesn't bring more coffee; he doesn't take away your plates or offer you dessert. We also need to think about the cost of gasoline. The delivery person pays for that out of his pocket, I assume. Still, the cost of the gas is the same if he delivers one pizza or if he delivers 20 pizzas, so why should I tip more for a large party?