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1ft3 of what?

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Q: How much does 1ft cubed weigh in pounds?
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What is 3.25 feet cubed converted to inches cubed?

1ft = 12in 1ft3 = 1ft x 1ft x 1ft = 12in x 12in x 12in = 1728in3 => 3.25ft3 = 3.25 x 1728in3 = 5616in3

How much water does a 2ft by 1ft by 1ft tank hold?

This tank contains V = 2ft x 1ft x 1ft = 3ft3. Alternatively: V = 0.76m x 0.38m x 0.38m = 0.110m3 = 110dm3 = 110 litres.

How much is 1'8 in centimeters?

1ft 8 inches = 50.8 cm.

How much is 10 foot to cm?

1ft = 30.48cm ⇒ 10ft = 304.8cm

What would be the weight of water in pounds if a fish tank was 2ft high by 1ft deep by 8ft long?

998.8 lbs.

How much would a 1 ftx 1 ft x .375 thick piece of plate steel weight if a cubic ft of steel weight is 490lbs?

The answers is: 15.315 lbs. Cubic Ft Weight (Lbs) 1ft X 1Ft X .375 in <> .375 CF ---------> ? 1ft X 1Ft X 1Ft <> 1 CF ---------> 490 (490*.375)/1= 15.315lbs.

What is 6yd 1ft- 1yd 2ft?

4yd 2ftas 1yd 2ft + 1ft = 2yd6yd 1ft - 2yd = 4yd 1ftthen + 1ft = 4yd 2ft

How much topsoil would you need to fill a garden 23ft. by 34ft . 1ft. deep?

volume = 23 x 34 x 1/12 = 65.17 cubic feet which is 65.17/27 = 2.41 yards or 6516 pounds at 100 pounds per cubic foot

What is 2 yd - 1ft?

2 yd - 1ft = 1

Does a 1ft round piece of iron weigh the same as a 1ft by 1ft by1ft deep square piece?

Of course not. Imagine putting that 1-foot wide ball of solid iron in a box that is exactly 1 foot square. Won't there be a lot of empty space all around the ball, except at the points where the ball touches the flat wall of the container? The empty space proves the volume of the ball (sphere) is less than the volume of the cube. If the volume is less, and if both are made of the same thing, the sphere will weigh less.

How much water in 10ft x 12ft x 1ft pond?

897.662 gallons in this pond.

How much is 94 inches in yards?

94in is equal to 2.611132 yds or 2yds 1ft 10in