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Q: How much does Botox cost?
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How much would botox cost if I was considering it?

The cost of botox varies depending on the region and the doctor. Prices in the northeast are higher than in the west. The prices vary between $350-$500.

What is the average cost of botox?

The cost of botox treatment has fallen dramatically in recent years. Treatment from qualified Practitioners ( Doctors, Dentists or Nurses ) can be obtained for as low as £ 120. The important factor is to make sure that you are being treated by a qualified Professional.

Who makes botox?

Mr Botox

Is botox a steriod?

No, Botox is not a steroid.

What are the chemical components of botox?


How does Elemis Pro Collagen cream compare with Botox?

The cream is a much more natural way to keep looking as good as possible than botox. It may not be quite as effective however it will do your job without having to get Botox.

Is Botox expensive?

The cost of botox treatments vary from country to country. An example given by one NYC doctor is $800 for the forehead area and $150 for each additional area. ----------- In Mexico it more cheaper than US, see some prices from these list of cosmetic surgery prices in Mexico: For Australia the cost of botox is differnet. You must consult about cost on phone before taking any step.

Did any of the Kardashians had Botox?

Yes she did have botox.

5000 units of botox is equal to how many ml.?

100 units of Botox = 4ml, therefore 25 units of Botox = 1ml and 5,000 units of Botox would equal 5,000/25 = 200ml of Botox

Did prince ever get botox?

No. Prince never do botox.

Is botox a narcotic?

No, Botox is made from botulism toxin.

which top Botox clinic in Calgary?

Botox clinic CalgaryBotox clinic Calgary - It is a medication known as a neuromodulator, As a medication, it is extremely safe, get the best quality Botox clinic at an affordable price in Calgary

How much Botox should be mixed with saline for cosmetic use?

If you have done botox training you should know this answer and sounds like you havent so you shouldn't need to know

Did frances swaggart have botox?

BOTOX! She has procedures tri-yearly, and botox among anything she can find to inject herself with.

How is botox used?

BOTOX is used by injecting it into a person/patient. BOTOX is used for two reasons primarily and they are the reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and for curbing excessive sweating. For wrinkles, BOTOX is able to temporarily provide relief for facial muscles that are tense and creating wrinkles. Although temporary, the results tend to be positive. With regards to excessive sweating, the BOTOX injection can actually slow the gland enough to where it will not produce as much sweat.

Can botox cause cancer?

botox cause cancer yes or no

Does botox contain silicon?

Botox don't contain silicon.

What is wrong with Marilyn Denis' mouth?

Too much botox is my guess.

Where can you get botox injections?

You may get botox injections at the offices of dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons and medical spas. Regardless of where you go, make sure the person who is administering the botox has been botox certified.

Can you have botox injected into your balls?

You can inject botox anywhere in the human body. But, given that botox is highly toxic it would not be a smart thing to do.

What restrictions are there immediately after botox?

A patient who just had botox should not rub the area where the botox was performed, should not bend the head down, and also should not exercise the same day as the botox. Additionally, the area where the botox was performed should be iced to decrease bruising or swelling.

Can a beauty therapist train to give botox?

Can anyone train to give botox

Can an RN administer botox?

Yes, as long as they have had proper training and are botox certified.

How many people have taken botox?

In 2009 4,795,357 Botox procedures were performed.

Is botox a venom?

No, according to Dr. Oz, Botox can actually lengthen your life