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^ that person must be a stalker to know that


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NFL player Chris McCain weighs 244 pounds.

NFL player Brice McCain weighs 187 pounds.

This is not a matter of public record.

175 pounds according to Cindy Adams who crossed paths with him at the democratic national convention in denver

The only cars that would weigh as much as a bus would be stretched limousines and/or heavily armored presidential/diplomatic vehicles.

A person may be a good candidate for a hair transplant, if they are losing hair, or are completely bald. A person considering a hair transplant should weigh the benefits, as well as any negative qualities about the procedure.

All "golden" dollar coins weigh 8.1 gm. See the link below for other coins' weights.

A US paper dollar (in fact, all current US paper money) weighs 1 gram Presidential, Sacajawea, and Anthony $1 coins weigh 8.1 gm Eisenhower $1 coins weigh 22.7 gm Older, true silver dollars weigh 26.7 gm

Well, ALL dollar coins are from the mint so I assume you're asking what the coins weigh if they are in mint state. Seated Liberty, Morgan, and Peace dollars weigh 26.7 gm in new condition. Eisenhower dollars (cupronickel, not silver, of course) weigh 22.7 gm Susan B. Anthony (again cupronickel), Sacagawea and Presidential dollars (brass) weigh about 8.1 gm.

All current U.S. $1 coins weigh 8.1 grams. Coin specifications are no longer given in old English units. Weights and diameters are now both in metric units.

It depends on the size of the stamp, and when it was issued, 100 1936 presidential series weigh about 6 grams, it takes about 8000 of these stamps to weigh 1 pound. 80 groups of these stamps would weight about 480 grams {80 * 6} = 480 grams, which is a little more than a pound. 454 grams = 1 pound. The 1950's series weigh a little more, it takes about 6000 of these to weigh about a pound.

The spelling weighs is the third person singular present tense of the verb to weigh.I weigh, you weigh, we weigh, they weigh. He, she, or it weighs.

No, you only use a weigh tape to weigh cheese

If you weigh 56 pounds, you weigh about 25.5 kilograms.

Golf carts weigh nothing. Scales weigh whatever you want to weigh.

i dont know How much do eggs weigh?How mHow much do eggs weigh?uch do eggs weigh?How much do eggs weigh?How much dHHow much do eggs weigh?ow much do eggs weigh?o eggs weigh?How much do eggs weigh?

On the moon you weigh about a sixth of what you weigh on Earth.

how to make yourself weigh more for a weigh in

If you weigh 100lbs you will weigh 88lbs on Venus

You would weigh about 26 pounds.

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