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Kevin weigh something like 150 pounds (68 kg) I guess.

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Now how much does the Jonas Brothers weigh?

nick-106 joe-124 kevin-137

How much does the Jonas brothers weigh?

I guess that Joe weigh 143 pounds (64 kg), Nick weigh 141 pounds (64 kg) and Kevin weigh 150 pounds (68 kg).

What is Kevin Jonas mmiddle name?

Kevin Jonas birth name is paul Kevin Jonas IIKevin Jonas birth name is paul Kevin Jonas II

Who is Kevin Jonas II?

that is Kevin Jonas from Jonas Brother he only gets called Kevin Jonas II/ Paul Kevin Jonas II because that's what is on his birth sheet and his dad is called Kevin Jonas I/Paul Kevin Jonas I

Who is the first Kevin Jonas?

the first Kevin Jonas is Kevin Jonas from the Jonas brothers bands dad he is the first

What is the meaning of k2 for Kevin Jonas?

Kevin Jonas is the 2nd Kevin Jonas So, K2= Kevin the second

Who is Kevin Jonas ll?

Kevin Jonas

Who is Paul Kevin Jonas Jr.?

Paul Kevin Jonas Jr is Kevin Jonas from the Jonas Brothers band. His father is Paul Kevin Jonas Sr. Both of them go by their middle name "Kevin".

How much do all three of the Jonas Brothers weigh?

I guess that Joe weigh something like 140 pounds (64 kg) and Nick the same and Kevin 150 pounds (68 kg).

Who is oldest brother in the Jonas brothers?

Kevin Jonas

Does Kevin Jonas from the Jonas Brothers smoke?

No, Kevin Jonas, from the Jonas Brothers, does NOT smoke.

Who is elder in the Jonas brothers?

Kevin Kevin Jonas. His full name is Paul Kevin Jonas II. XD Joe Jonas' older brother is Paul Kevin Jonas 2nd

Who's Kevin Jonas?

I would hope you would know who Kevin Jonas is.-either the musician Kevin Jonas-Mr. Jonas, the Jonas' dad.

Does Kevin Jonas have a son?

Kevin Jonas the first, (father of the Jonas Brothers) does have children but Kevin Jonas the second (the one in the Jonas Brothers band) does not.

Kevin sr Jonas?

Kevin Sr. Jonas is the Jonas Brothers (Kevin,Joe & Nick's)father.

What is mr Kevin Jonas full name?

Kevin Jonas full name is Paul Kevin Jonas

How much Kevin Jonas weighs?

About 140 Lbs

What is the real name of Joe Jonas Kevin Jonas and Nick Jonas?

Joe Jonas is Joseph Adam Jonas Nick Jonas is Nicholas Jerry Jonas Kevin Jonas is Paul Kevin Jonas 2

Why does Kevin Jonas weigh less than Joe Jonas?

he weighs less than joe because hes skinny and joe has muscle

Who is Kevin Jonas datinbg?

Kevin Jonas is not dating

Did Kevin Jonas get a DUI?

No, Kevin Jonas never has

Who is paul Kevin Jonas?

Paul Kevin Jonas is the Jonas Brothers' father! The oldest Jonas, Kevin, shares the same name but goes by his middle name, Kevin.

Why is sir paul Kevin Jonas named sir?

His name isn't sir Kevin Jonas. It is Kevin Jonas SR.. It is senior because his son Kevin Jonas II is named after him. his son becomes Kevin Jonas II or JR . That makes him Kevin Jonas SR (senior).

Kevin Jonas real name?

It is actually Kevin Jonas, but his full name is Paul Kevin Jonas II.

Is Kevin Jonas' name Kevin Micheal Jonas?

No his name is Paul Kevin Jonas The Second (II)